How are Armco Barriers made?

Why You Need Industrial Safety Barriers

Armco barriers play a vital role in protecting human life, expensive equipment, machinery or buildings from damage which can be caused from an out of control vehicle such as a forklift or car.

You might see them anywhere, from private roads and motorways, to warehouses, walkways and conveyor belts – and even on race tracks.

It’s because they do such an important job in offering solid protection, that they are made and manufactured to the highest levels of quality – to ensure they will stand up to all manner of stress and impact.

If you’re wondering how are Armco barriers made, then the first thing to bear in mind is that they’re tough. Really, really tough. And that’s because they are made of corrugated steel and galvanised with a layer of zinc to stop them rusting and growing weaker over time.

Armco Direct are here to explain

Our customers benefit from a wide variety of Armco crash barrier and other protection products. We also offer super tough bollards as well as column and conveyor belt protection – so whatever your safety need, we’ve got it covered.

But sticking to the subject of Armco Barriers, here’s how they’re made.
Right from the very start of the process, there are industry standards to adhere to in making them (specifically BS 4872 standards). After the barriers themselves have been constructed from the toughest steel, they are galvanised to BS 1461 standards.
This is your peace of mind in knowing how strong and up to the challenge of protecting your valuable assets they really are.

The crash barrier was first made by the Sheffield Steel Corporation of Kansas USA in 1933 and was originally called the Flex-Beam guard rail. Not long after that the American Rolling Mill Company (Armco), a business which was first set up to produce sheet iron and steel, took over.

Such was the effectiveness of the design and manufacture – a two-stage process where bolt-holes were punched in steel strips, which were then pressed into the iconic W-shape – that it hasn’t changed much since then. The only big difference now is that, instead of being painted to protect against rust and corrosion, they are galvanised with zinc, as mentioned above. And they come in a range of colours.

Not only does this galvanisation process mean that the structure of the Armco barrier will not be weakened by exposure to the outside elements, but it will increase its lifespan too, offering greater value for money and further peace of mind.

The crash barriers come in a versatile range of applications and sizes, can be used at a range of heights and bolted or dug into the ground. They can also be customised with handrails if being used to protect pedestrians or factory workers, for example.

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