Armco Direct a Leading Supplier of Traffic Bollards

At Armco Direct, we produce a wide range of bollards extremely effective in offering protection against vehicle theft, ram raids and for restricting access to your site. They are often seen outside stores offering protection to shutters from would be ram raiders as well as across forecourts at car dealerships to prevent theft, to name a few of the many applications. What’s more, our bollards for sale are 100% recyclable meaning you can protect your assets whilst being conscious of the environmental impact.

Since 1995, we’ve worked with a large variety of clients across a range of industries on projects requiring all sorts of unique asset protection services. That’s why, when it comes to bollards it doesn’t matter if it is your employees, buildings or vehicles you are protecting all our bollards ensure that the risk of vehicular theft and other issues such as ram raids are minimised.

Our central commitment to providing cost-effective protection solutions and great customer service never changes. That’s why, with our extensive range of bollards for sale and dedicated team of asset protection experts we are certain we deliver on that promise.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown regarding the different bollards we provide. Feel free to browse our range of products and get in touch with your orders or any questions you may have. Our team of dedicated asset protection experts are always on hand to offer advice and assistance when deciding what bollards are required for your business.

Retractable Bollards

Our retractable bollards offer the most versatility in asset protection. Fully retractable they are ideal if you want to restrict access to your site without closing it off completely. They give you control over your site and are an economical yet simple to use method of securing your site. These bollards can be finished in a variety of different ways including galvanised, powder coated and polymer as well as in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Stainless Steel Bollards

Our premium quality stainless steel bollards provide an aesthetically pleasing asset protection solution for your business. They also offer flexibility in terms of access control as they can be fitted with a removable option or permanently cast into the ground. The stainless steel means they are a low maintenance option whilst still offering maximum asset protection and peace of mind.

Static bollards

Our static bollards are widely used both industrially and commercially to offer security on-site. They can be permanently cast or bolted into the ground and delivered with attention to your own unique specifications. We offer a wide range of sizes including different thickness of our bollards for sale as well as offering different colours. Also, all our bollards are customisable with extra additions such as chain hooks giving you the freedom to choose which asset protection solution is right for your company.

Benefits of Armco Direct Traffic Bollards

  • Proven Protection
  • 100% Recyclable Traffic Bollards
  • Versatility
  • Cast or Bolt in
  • Wide Range of Sizes

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If you’re looking for a proven solution to vehicle theft and other threats such as ram raids, securing access to your property then this contact us today to discuss your order. Our bollards are produced to the highest standards and allow you to be rest assured your property is secure. Our central offering of cost-effective protection solutions and exemplary service has never changed for over 20 years. That’s why, with our extensive range of bollards for sale and dedicated team of asset protection experts we are certain whatever your problem, we can help.