Armco Direct is a supplier of steel bollards and safety bollards for use in commercial and industrial applications where protection and traffic restrictions are needed.

Do you need bollards to increase pedestrian safety or to change pedestrian movement flow? Have you been advised by health and safety or a planning office that safety bollards are a requirement of your project?

If so, contact Armco Direct on 01530 839955 to discuss our bollards for sale for your project.

Health and Safety is becoming a more and more important part of daily life with liability on the increase for safety violations. By not implementing adequate access restriction, the risk of injury, property damage and financial liability could fall on the premises owner.

Armco Direct stock a wide range of quality control passed bollards for use in traffic or security situations.

Armco Bollard Specifications

We stock a wide range of safety bollards that can be used in a variety of situations including:

Car Parks
Shop/Building front protection
Property protection from vehicles internally/externally
Pedestrian movement control
Ram Raid Protection
Pedestrian protection

At Armco Direct, we stock a wide range of car park bollards and steel bollards for sale which are extremely effective in offering solid protection against vehicle theft, ram raids, building protection, pedestrian protection and for restricting access to sites.

Customers can expect quality, robust vehicle bollards, that last a lifetime, providing peace of mind that a business, site or car park is compliant with Health & Safety regulations and managers have taken their responsibility of safety as a serious matter. When you are looking for effective metal safety bollards complete with a quality guarantee, contact Armco Direct.

Order Your Safety Bollards Today

If you’re looking for a proven solution to vehicle theft and other threats such as ram raids, or securing access to your property then contact us today to discuss your safety bollards order.

Our bollards are produced to the highest standards and allow you to rest assured your property is secure. With our extensive range of bollards for sale and a dedicated team of asset protection experts, we are certain we have the right product for you.

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