Yellow Armco Barrier


Loud and vibrant, the yellow Armco Barrier represents safety and assurance in demanding settings. Made from quality galvanised steel and coated with a yellow RAL 1007 finish, these barriers don’t just provide essential safety, but also demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of workers, pedestrians and property. In hectic work environments like warehouses, a lack of barriers or unseen barriers can present hidden dangers that lead to accidents and injuries. However, the Yellow Armco Barrier solves this problem with its high-vis colour and tough shield designed to withstand impacts and protect everyone nearby.

Make a statement on your own workplace safety by ordering your Armco Barrier today!

Key Features & Benefits of the Yellow Armco Barrier

Armco Direct barriers are designed to provide the utmost safety to limit risk and protect pedestrians, workers and assets.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of our Yellow Armco Barriers:

Galvanised Finish

Our Armco barriers exemplify quality with their finish. This ensures resilience against tough weather conditions and resulting corrosion, maintaining a lasting shine that reflects your dedication to safety and quality.

Suitable for Industrial Locations

Whether it’s warehouses, car parks or factories, our barriers can be installed into virtually any industrial environment. Their sturdy design and bright appearance make them an ideal choice for locations where functionality and safety are top priority.


Constructed with premium grade steel the crash barrier exemplifies strength and durability. It serves as a strong shield in the face of industrial accidents and harsh weather conditions.


The versatility of the Yellow Armco Barrier knows no bounds, whether it’s used to mark pedestrian walkways in warehouses or protect vehicles in car parks. Its design seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality making it suitable for applications.

Highly Visible

Not only does the yellow powder coated finish enhance visibility, but it also projects an image of safety consciousness coupled with a touch of design finesse.


1.1m high Bolt down Armco Barrier - Galvanised Posts at 1.6m cc and RAL 1007 yellow beams 1


Crash Barrier FAQs

We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked customer questions regarding crash barriers, which will hopefully answer any further queries:


Why Choose Armco Barriers?

Why are they called Armco barriers? The name ‘Armco’ is synonymous with quality and tradition. Originating from the American Rolling Mill Company, Armco Barriers have become the industry standard for corrugated steel crash barriers. Choose a name that carries a legacy of excellence.


What Makes Armco Barriers Exceptional?

What is an Armco barrier made of? Armco Barriers are crafted from the highest quality galvanised steel, ensuring strength and durability. With the option of a vibrant yellow powder coating, these barriers are designed to withstand harsh weather and provide long-lasting value. Invest in a barrier that embodies strength.


How Do Armco Barriers Protect You?

How do Armco barriers work? Comprising steel beams, posts, and accessory pieces, Armco Barriers are engineered to absorb and redistribute impact energy. Their unique ‘W’ shape and robust posts ensure that the barrier remains standing upon impact. Choose a barrier that’s designed to protect.


What Are Your Options with Armco Barriers?

What lengths do Armco barriers come in? Armco Barriers offer flexibility with standard lengths of 3.5m and fully customisable options. Whether you need barriers for car parks, lorry yards, or building sites, Armco provides the perfect fit. Embrace a solution that’s tailored to your needs.


How Can Armco Barriers Be Customised for You?

Does Armco offer custom solutions for specific customer needs? Yes, Armco Barriers are not just products; they are solutions. With infinite ways to utilise them, Armco’s design engineers work closely with you to create a bespoke barrier that perfectly fits your space. Choose Armco, and let your barriers be a reflection of your unique requirements.