We have a wide range of products to suit your needs. Armco Direct provide the ideal solution for any situation, if it be car park bollards or even for industrial and commercial premises to protect expensive equipment.

Armco Safety BollardsOur steel safety bollards are perfect for improving Health and Safety practices and protecting your valuable assets from moving vehicles, not to mention safeguarding pedestrians from potential accidents.

We supply a range of products that are hardwearing and weatherproof and made of 100% recyclable steel.

Safety Bollards

The types of safety bollards we supply covers a wide range of uses, for wherever and whatever reason you need them:

  • Car parking bollards to guide traffic safely and reserve spaces.
  • Static or retractable bollards to totally prevent or sometimes restrict vehicle access in certain areas.
  • Protection of pedestrianised walkways.
  • Metal bollards to surround offices and buildings to prevent accidental damage and ensure maximum workplace safety.
  • Security bollards to prevent criminal damage to business forecourts and shutter doors.
  • Galvanised steel bollards to absorb high levels of impact if hit by a wayward vehicle.
  • Powder coated yellow bollards for high reflective visibility.

Our UK range of removeable and static steel bollards are highly versatile, so they can be adapted for use in any environment where safety and security is a high priority.

UK Bollard suppliers

We can supply steel bollards in standard sizes as well as bespoke specifications, and in either a galvanised or yellow powder coated finish.

These bollards are available in sizes: 114mm, 139mm, 168mm and 193mm.

They have a 5mm wall thickness, and are available for both dig in and bolt down installation with a height of 1.0m above ground (1.2m for the 193mm version)

Bollard installation

Steel Bollard InstallationWhen you’re looking for car park bollard installation, or a steel bollard supplier in the UK, it always pays to put your asset protection in the best possible hands.

That not only means hardwearing bollards, but ones which are properly installed by either being bolted down or cast firmly into the ground using the best practices and the toughest material – concrete. Of course, this also means getting in the professionals (that’s us!) to make sure the job is done 100% right.

After that, for added peace of mind and for years to come, you get the reassurance that comes with investing in one of our extensive range of Armco steel safety bollards.

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Also take a look at our Armco crash barrier products and FREE calculator should you need to vary your requirements