Armco is leading supplier of HSE recommended steel wheel stops and wheel guides for businesses across the UK where the need to warn a driver where to stop to protect vehicles and surrounding structures is important.

Do you need to protect surrounding structures from vehicle impact? Do you need to effectively let drivers know when to stop? Is so, a steel Armco wheel stop is the solution to use. We stock a range of sizes.

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Having ineffective or no wheel stops in areas where vehicles are likely to make contact with surrounding structures can be a costly and time-consuming issue to rectify for both parties. The time-consuming insurance claims, the cost of property or vehicle damage and claims of liability can be avoided by installing wheel stops.

Armco Directs quality control passed HGV and car park tubular steel wheel stops are the cost effective solution to preventing expensive repairs.

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Wheel stops numerous applications

We stock tubular or angle iron stops in a range of sizes and wheel stops for many applications, particularly using the stop to help define the end of a parking space, park in a set space, or for use as a protection aid to prevent impact. Armco wheel stops are suitable for:

  • Car Park spaces
  • Multi story car parks
  • HGV Vehicles
  • Parking/Loading Bays
  • Driveways

Installation into either concrete or tarmac is a straightforward process, and we pride ourselves on finding the most innovative wheel stops solutions there are.

Whatever the type of car park wheel stoppers or level of protection you require, Armco Direct is the company to choose. That’s because the safety of you and your equipment has always been our top priority and our car park wheel stops are specifically designed to offer maximum protection.

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