The Armco Barrier Dimension Guide

Armco Barrier Prices

When it comes to Armco barrier dimensions, there is a wide range to choose from to suit a whole variety of situations and ensure the levels of protection provided are exactly what you need.

Crash barriers are a safety feature which offers solid protection on private roads, in car parks, warehouses, service yards and other industrial situations. It’s these which will protect objects and people from the severe damage that can be caused by a collision with a moving vehicle, or protect drivers from potential hazards.

More and more companies are discovering the usefulness of crash barriers in keeping valuable objects, buildings, machinery or vehicles safe while protecting workers from injury too. 

We have an extensive and diverse range of crash barriers available, in a range of Armco barrier dimensions to suit whatever purpose it is that you need them for. All of our barriers can be delivered within 48hours of your order, so get in touch with a member of the Armco Direct team to find out more about where and how our safety barriers are used.

You might be surprised by the wide range of applications and diverse choice of Armco barrier dimensions that there are to choose from.

Making the right decision

As a business owner, or person in charge of health and safety, the decision to invest in Armco barrier protection comes with a huge return on your investment. That’s because it can save you thousands of pounds on the cost to replace damaged stock, repair or replace machinery, or fix buildings which have become damaged or unsafe thanks to impact from a moving vehicle. 

Then there’s the cost of injury caused to people who are working near to moving vehicles to think about. Protecting lives and keeping people safe is vital and it’s Armco barrier installation that will give you the peace of mind that you’re doing just that.

Maybe an audit has flagged up the need for greater safety and security in your premises, or worse an actual incident? In which case, it’s vital to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible.

We’ve put together this Armco barrier dimension guide to give you more of an idea of the versatility of the equipment that we have in stock, so read on to find out more.

Barrier dimensions

Below is a list of our Armco crash barrier dimensions, each barrier dimension is provided in a pdf format for easy download.

Once you’ve seen the product which best suits your requirement, remember to give us a call or use our online calculator to find out more about exactly what levels of protection you will be getting and how much of an investment you need.

Our team is always happy to talk through the possibilities with you. 

Beam dimensions

Posts heights above ground level

  • 560mm Forklift
  • 610mm Cars/SUV/Lgv
  • 760mm  HGV for single row of beam
  • 1100mm HGV for double row of beam

Post spacing is  3.2m c/c standard or 1.6m c/c for greater protection.

A list of all Armco barriers and their accessories, as well as other crash protection solutions, can be found on our products page.


What barriers do we provide?

Our range of barriers include options which can be bolted down or dug in, or ones which are custom made specifically for your business needs, with features such as internal or external corners, fish tail ends and pedestrian ends. 

So, whether it’s shock-absorbing posts that you need, or a warehouse rack protection system that you’re looking for, you can say goodbye to on-site collisions and costly damage in the workplace once one of these barriers is in place.

Made of the toughest corrugated steel and produced to the highest possible standards, using the latest production methods, there’s not much that is getting through our barriers, whether it’s an out of control car or a heavy load-bearing forklift. 

They are galvanised to BS EN 1461, made of 100% recyclable steel, British made and we can even do next day delivery if you need it. All orders also come with an 85-year lifetime guarantee.

Interested in one of our barriers? Give us a call

If you’re looking to minimise the risk of costly damage occurring in your place of work, or worse still, injury to members of your staff, then investing in this form of asset protection could be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

To find out more about our barriers, whether you need some for the roadside, or to up the safety in your warehouse, factory, farm or building site, contact us today for more information or use our Free Armco calculator to work out what you need.