Safety is at the heart of everything we do here at Armco Direct. Our steel bollards are made from 100% recyclable galvanised steel to ensure they last for years. Not only can you trust that they’ll do the right job, but you can take comfort in knowing they’ll help improve safety.

Currently, we supply galvanised steel bollards to a variety of national companies helping to prevent damage to buildings and keeping the workforce safe. If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional barrier system, metal bollards are a great alternative. To find out more about our range of bollards, please contact our experts today at

Armco Direct Crash Bollards

What are Bollards? 

A bollard is a standalone metal post that is anchored to a hard surface such as concrete. They can be used in conjunction with barriers to help ensure that high-risk areas are kept safe and secure. Typical areas bollards are used include pedestrian areas such as car parks, public spaces and warehouses. For example, parking bollards help to clearly outline vehicle access areas so that pedestrians are kept safe and the car park is organised effectively.

Here at Armco Direct, all of our bollards come with a galvanised finish as standard , in addition we also provide powder-coated yellow bollards or even with black banding. This is because the yellow increases their visibility, meaning drivers or workers on site can more easily see and adhere to these bollards and barriers. We aim to make our bollards aesthetically pleasing; they’re a practical but decorative safety solution.

Yellow Warehouse Bollards

The Different Types of Bollard:

Depending on the type of barrier system you require, there are a range of different bollards available. With over a decade of industry experience, our advisors will make sure that we find the right product for you.

Crash Bollards 

Crash bollards are safety barriers designed to stop vehicles from crashing into things and provide protection and security. Our crash bollards are 100% recyclable galvanised steel and are perfect for warehouses and loading bays.

Unlike other barrier systems, they do not take long to install. They’re a quick solution to help vehicles from going out of control, preventing lasting damage and injury to drivers and passers-by. They come in various sizes, so you can cater the crash bollards to suit your needs. To discuss this in more detail, please contact our team on 01530 839 955.

Safety Bollards 

Safety bollards, or security bollards, are used when an occupied space needs added protection. They can divide up space and be used to guide drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to enhance their safety in the event of collisions. An example of this is in parking spaces, or traffic bollards. View our 12 strong facts about safety bollards.

Pedestrian Bollards 

Pedestrian bollards are put in place to ensure that passers-by and those entering an area remain safe. The main purpose of this type of bollard is to offer physical protection without pedestrians inconveniencing themselves. The Department for Transport has outlined some considerations to make when it comes to fixing these barriers:

  1. Considering the rate of pedestrians travelling through the barrier at one given time. This helps to avoid obstruction and impact on the flow of people walking through the barrier.
  2. The barriers should also be spaced out enough to ensure the pedestrians still have a level of personal space and can move freely. You can read the full document here to ensure your barriers are put in place correctly and in line with government recommendations.

Protective Bollards 

A protective bollard is a name given to a short post that allows you to form a protective barrier. It is a visual aid to guide road traffic and you’ll usually see them in places such as hospitals, warehouses and loading bays.

You can find them in a variety of sizes in line with your requirements. At Armco Direct, we provide bollards that are 5mm wall thickness. Depending on which method suits your project best, they are available for both dig-in and bolt-down installation.

Why Choose Armco Direct? 

With Armco Direct, you can expect high quality every time. Each of our steel products uses high-quality galvanised steel and has an 85-year life expectancy. We aim to assist you with your goals of keeping your business as incident-free as possible and reducing the chances of a high-impact accident occurring on-site.

We have complete faith in our products. This is why we offer you a free quote within two hours of your requirements. No gimmicks, no sales tactics at play, just a good and honest quote for you to consider. We understand the pressures of starting a big project, which include ensuring all the health and safety checks are put in place. Choosing the right products should not be taken lightly, which is why we give you a 30-day fixed price from the day you receive your quote, allowing you the time to make sure you are making the right choice for you and your needs.

We know how important it is for you to get your products on time so you can bring your project to life. This is why we pledge to give you a 48-hour delivery time across England and Wales, 365 days a year. That is an Armco guarantee.

Fancy getting started? All we ask is you fill out the online calculator so we can send you the quote. Leave the rest to us.

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Bollard FAQs:

We’ve done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about bollards below:

What is the purpose of a bollard?

A bollard is a short post in an upright position that creates a protective or physical perimeter. They guide traffic and mark boundaries when installed primarily as a visual guide. Decorative bollards, safety bollards and traffic bollards are just a few examples.

Can bollards stop a car?

Yes, impact-resistant bollards are designed to stop vehicles and keep pedestrians safe. If you’re interested in safety bollards, please look at our online calculator, which will give you an estimation of the type of bollard you require.

Why should I use bollards?

Bollards offer an effective way to restrict access and guide vehicles. They can protect pedestrians, secure property and restrict access in certain areas. You should use bollards if you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective way to protect an area from potential damage. Reflective banding can also be added to increase visibility and ensure workers adhere to the correct areas.