Bolt Down Bollards

Bolt-down bollards provide a secure and adaptable management solution for off-highway scenarios. Easily installed with surface-mounted bolts, they are suitable for areas where digging is impractical.

Forged from recyclable steel, galvanised to BS EN 1461, their sturdy design and high-quality finish ensure reliable protection, making them ideal for a range of security needs.

At Armco Direct, our bollards are available in bespoke sizes for your specific situation.

For High Visibility, they can also come with a powder-coated yellow RAL 1007 option and a reflective band.

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Installed Circular Boltdown Safety Bollard

Peace of Mind with a Bolt Down Bollard

In a warehouse, commercial, or industrial setting, bolt-down bollards demonstrate their versatility.

  • Robust Protection: These bollards effectively shield equipment, the edges of walls, and stock from accidental contact by vehicles like forklifts or cleaning machines that veer slightly off their intended path. They achieve this by intercepting and rerouting the vehicles towards safety.
  • Dual Functionality: Beyond serving as physical barriers to safeguard the premises, bolt-down bollards also function as visual cues, guiding the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within these environments.
  • Injury Prevention: Particularly when used as pedestrian bollards, these installations are invaluable in preventing accidents and injuries. They create a safe boundary between vehicle traffic and pedestrian areas, ensuring a safer environment for workers and visitors alike.

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Yellow bolt down bollard

Easy to Install

Bolt Down Bollards offer a practical solution for enhancing safety and organisation in industrial settings, owing to their straightforward installation process.

Unlike dig-in bollards, which require excavation and can be time-consuming to set up, bolt-down models can be securely fixed to existing surfaces with minimal disruption.

By eliminating the need for extensive groundwork, bolt-down bollards allow for rapid deployment, enabling facilities to swiftly adapt to changing safety requirements without significant downtime or disruption to daily operations.


Square Bolt Down Safety Bollard

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about bolt down bollards.

A bolt-down bollard is a type of steel bollard designed for secure yet flexible installation. Made typically from galvanised steel, these bollards are powder-coated for a high-quality finish, ensuring an effective solution for safety and visibility. Unlike bollards requiring deep excavation and concrete setting, bolt-down bollards are mounted on the ground using a base plate and robust fixings. This design facilitates easier installation and, if necessary, relocation, making them a complete solution in areas where permanent, deep-set bollards are not feasible.

The primary purpose of bollards is to provide physical barriers for safety and security, effectively used to control vehicle traffic and protect buildings. They are a robust solution to safeguard pedestrians and vulnerable structures from accidental or intentional vehicle impacts. Bollards are versatile and found in a variety of settings.

The amount of force a bollard can stop depends on its design, material, and installation. Steel bollards, especially those made from high-strength steel and properly installed, can withstand significant impact forces. The capacity to resist force varies based on the bollard’s thickness, the depth of installation, and whether it’s reinforced with concrete or additional structural elements. Calculate your needs and get a bespoke quote from Armco Direct. We’ll help you choose the best option for you.