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At Armco Direct, we work with a range of different barrier posts – one of which is the Dig-In Post. Choosing the right Dig-In Post for you is important and depends on what you want out of the post. They also vary in price, depending on their size and durability. If you would like to find out more about the different posts we offer, please check out our product listings or contact our team who will be able to guide you in the right direction. Pretty sure you know which one you are after? Fill out our online calculator now and receive a free quote within two hours.

Armco Barrier Installed On-site

What is a dig-in post?

Dig-in posts are used to provide safety in a multitude of ways. This includes safeguarding shelves and racking in warehouses, preventing others from accessing a construction site, and adding security protection for buildings caused by damage. Dig-in posts, in particular, are mainly used in outdoor applications.  As you’d expect from the name, dig-in posts are installed by digging up the ground area underneath. This firm foundation ensures the post can be installed safely and securely. When choosing the right dig-in post, it is important to remember the overall barrier as some dig-in posts work better with certain crash barriers than others. Each of our dig-in posts is created using 100% recyclable, galvanised BS EN 1461 steel and comes with an 85-year life expectancy, which means once it is placed, it is not moving.

As with all our products, our dig-in posts are in line with the UK industry safety standards so you can rest assured they will pass any health and safety audits required.

The different types of dig-in post you can use

The type of dig-in post you go for will be determined by a number of factors. Cost being one. If you are wanting something sturdy but more budget-friendly, the ARMDI-1200/Z is a great choice. It has a Z shape, which makes it more affordable. This post can also be adapted to work alongside all of the beams and fixings we sell. We also provide Rolled Steel Joist posts or RSJ posts, which are predominantly used within the construction industry. They are easy to install and extremely durable, making them perfect for high-risk areas. Their individual shape gives them the ability to provide maximum impact against heavy good vehicles. If you are looking to protect your loading bay or construction site, these are definitely an option worth exploring. 

If you are looking to secure a place where there is a mix of vehicles and pedestrians in the area, you need to keep in mind the other products you will need. For example, in this situation, an ARM3200 HR would be ideal as it works to ensure the maximum safety for all those on-site. This is because they are able to withstand extremely heavyweights, should an accident take place. To go alongside it, you would require the ARMDI-1200/HR, which is a handrail extension that can be used as additional support for pedestrians to reduce the likelihood of incidents. This is why our online calculator comes in handy as it gives the opportunity to plan out the budget of the entire project within the space of a few minutes. Hassle and catch-free, upon receiving your quote, you are under no obligation to purchase anything from us. 

Size and purpose are both important when it comes to purchasing your dig-in post. The majority of our dig-in posts come in a range of sizes to suit your needs and fit securely with your barriers. If you have a high barrier, you will need to make sure they have the correct dig-in post to work with this and make sure everything stays in place. In this case, a Double Beam Rolled Steel Joist is a favourable option. It works great with higher posts as the strength of the post will make sure the barrier system remains strong and steady. 

At Armco Direct, our dig-in posts get the job done. We produce the best using the finest steel. The proof is in the quality of our products, which is why we are well trusted by companies, such as Amazon and Land Rover, across the United Kingdom.

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1800 Dig In Post 127 x 76 RSJ (Double Beam)