Here at Armco Direct, we’re the UK’s leading provider of off-highway crash protection barriers, offering a range of high-quality products designed to provide safety and protection in various settings. Our extensive range of barriers are specifically designed to protect pedestrians, property, and other structures from the impact of vehicular collisions.

Our barriers are designed for use in non-highway settings such as in warehouses, construction sites and private roadsides. They can be used to limit pedestrian access, prevent dangerous occurrences and mark off areas from the public. With our barriers, you can rest assured that you’re investing in reliable and effective crash protection barriers that meet the highest safety standards.

How Armco Barriers Are Made

What Are Barriers?

Barriers are physical structures designed to provide protection in areas where there could be a potential vehicle collision or safety issue. Examples can include Pedestrian Guardrails, and Armco traffic barriers that ensure safety.

These barriers act as buffers between vehicles and pedestrians, property, or other structures, reducing the impact of collisions and preventing property damage or injury.

At Armco Direct, we’re proud to offer a variety of barrier systems to meet the needs of different commercial and industrial environments. Our products include Armco barriers, road barriers, racking protection barriers, forklift barriers, pedestrian guard rails, metal barriers, concreate barriers, warehouse barriers, bollards, and end caps. Each of these systems is made from high-quality materials and designed to provide long-lasting protection against impact, protecting pedestrians and important areas from harm.

Buildings & Storage Barriers

Crash Protection Barriers

Crash barrier systems are designed to prevent any type of vehicle from colliding with pedestrians or property, therefore minimising damage and injury in the event of an accident. Our Armco barriers, for example, are made from galvanised steel and are highly effective in preventing vehicles from crossing over into pedestrian areas.

We also offer pedestrian guard rails which act as a physical barrier between pedestrians and vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents in high-traffic areas such as car parks or service yards. All of our crash protection barriers are cost-effective solutions to creating a safe environment.

Car Crash Barrier

What Are The Benefits Of Using Barriers?

When deciding whether or not to use barriers, it is essential to know the benefits of implementing them:

Increased Safety

Increased safety is the main benefit of using any type of barrier, or barrier system. Safety barriers will absorb the impact between vehicles and pedestrians, property or other structures, reducing the impact of collisions and preventing injury or damage.

Reduced Liability and Insurance Costs:

Having a temporary barrier, or types of road barriers, can help reduce liability and insurance costs by demonstrating that appropriate safety measures have been taken. This can also help to improve the overall safety culture and prevent accidents from occurring in car parks, construction sites and elsewhere.

Controlled Traffic Flow:

Barriers can be used to control traffic flow and restrict access to certain areas, improving security and reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. The barriers ensure the area is secure and hard to access.


Our range of barrier systems are designed to meet the needs of different commercial and industrial environments. A safety barrier can be used in various settings, including warehouses, factories, distribution centres, car parks and service yards.

Cost-Effective Solution:

All of our crash protection barriers are cost-effective solution to creating a safe environment. Made from high-quality galvanised steel, they are designed to provide long-lasting protection against impact.

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What Are The Different Armco Barrier Heights?

Why Choose Armco Direct? The No.1 Barrier Suppliers

Here at Armco Direct, we’re committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and the highest quality products. Our friendly team are always available to help you choose the right barrier system for your unique needs, ensuring that you get the most effective and reliable protection possible.

As we specialise in crash protection barriers, we have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver top-quality products that meet the highest safety standards. Our commitment to quality and safety has earned us a high quality reputation, and we are proud to serve customers across a wide range of industries and sectors. Whether you need pedestrian barriers for a car park, Armco barriers for a warehouse, or any other type of barrier system, we have you covered.


Barriers FAQs:

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about barriers below:

What does barrier mean in safety?

In safety, a barrier is a physical structure or object designed to prevent or limit access to an area or to provide protection against potential hazards. Barriers can be used to improve pedestrian safety, protect property and the environment from harm.

What are examples of safety barriers?

Examples of safety barriers include crash protection barriers, pedestrian guardrails, warehouse barriers, Armco barriers and bollards. These barriers are designed to provide protection and prevent accidents, injuries, and property damage.