We pride ourselves on being able to deliver everything you need to create affordable, sturdy barriers that are fit for purpose – from the crash barrier beams to the dig-in posts. What can often be forgotten are additional bits and pieces that make the final barrier what it is. At Armco Direct, we have a range of accessories on hand that you can purchase alongside your barrier equipment orders or as stand-alone pieces to replace a component on your existing barrier. All of our accessories are smooth fittings with all barrier systems, not just our own. To find out exactly what you need, contact our experts or check out our online calculator for a free quote today!

Polymer Fish Tail End with Reflectors

Choosing the right accessory for you 

The crash barrier ends and corners you choose will depend on what you hope to achieve. At first glance, you will see we offer both powder coated  yellow and galvanised corners and ends. Which of these you opt for will depend on the place of the barrier. For instance, if the barrier is going to be placed in a more hybrid environment where there will be pedestrians coming and going on-site, you may consider the yellow option. These barriers are designed for more visibility. The powder-coating also provides an additional layer of protection from the British weather as they are less likely to deteriorate under the harsh conditions our shores are known for. 

For a non-pedestrian solution, you may find the Fish Tail End to be a great option. It comes with increased safety features. The Fish Tail End, such as the ARMFISH-GALV, can reduce the damage made to heavy goods vehicles and the goods themselves. Our Fish Tail Ends are compatible with all barrier systems so are a good option if you need to replace an existing end for your barrier

Our barriers are designed to be flexible. They are able to be adapted to the space in which they need to fit in order to make sure each location is as safe and secure as possible. For instance, if you have a change in direction, our 90-degree external corner ARM09EXT-GALV is a great option. There is a range of material options available, from durable, galvanised steel (BS EN 146 standard) to a powder-coated yellow option. 

Some barriers, through damage or design, have sharp edges that can get caught on many different things. If these barriers are near a pedestrian area, for example, a passer-by could catch their clothes or a vehicle could potentially get scratched by such an incident. As a result, a PVC end sleeve can be a handy tool to encase the rough edges. A post cap is a sleeve that sits snug on the exposed post top. Post caps are made out of plastic and are a vibrant yellow so as to make sure people are aware of the barrier. We have options for both the rolled steel joist and Z-shaped posts alike. You can find out more about these by contacting our team at

There are many little bits and pieces that people often forget to consider when it comes to fitting their barriers. For example, small joints such as connector plates for Open Box Beam are somewhat easy to forget, yet they are a fundamental part of the project. A connector plate is a key piece of kit that many builders depend on as it is needed to connect two pieces of Open box steel beam together. Our OBB Connector Plates are able to seamlessly connect two open box beams together, strengthening the overall structure of the barrier. This means you can extend the length of the barrier to suit your needs. 

Start your project today! 

Regardless of any accessories you need, with Armco Direct you can expect high quality and reliability. We are so reliable, in fact, we have some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Caterpillar and Toyota, depending on us to fulfil their off-highway application needs. 

Each of our products is created using 100% recycled, galvanised steel and comes with an 85-year life expectancy. Our products meet the requirements of the latest health and safety legislation so you can rest assured they will pass any audits you need to pursue. All the accessories we have on offer help you achieve your goals, such as keeping vehicles in one designated operating area and confirming the safety of your employees and pedestrians visiting the site. 

We believe in our products, which is why we offer you a free quote within two hours of getting your requirements. No quips, no special clause, just a fuss-free quote delivered to you to consider. We understand that projects change and develop all the time. Choosing the right products is essential to any project, which is why we give you a 30-day guarantee from the day you receive your quote, allowing you room to be sure you have the correct materials for the job. 

We know you rely on us to get your products on time so you can complete your project on schedule. This is why we guarantee a 48-day delivery time across England and Wales all year round. 

Fancy getting started? All we ask is you fill out the online calculator so we can send you the quote. We can do the rest. 

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