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The Definitive Guide To Armco Barriers

Armco barriers are an excellent way of offering maximum protection to pedestrians, buildings, and expensive machinery against the impact that an out of control vehicle can cause. When you install an Armco barrier in a warehouse, car park, shop front, pedestrianised area or side of a private road, you know that no moving vehicle is… Read more »

12 Solid Facts About Armco Barriers

Looking to learn more about Armco barriers? Take a read of our infographic below! Find out when the first Armco barrier was made, where they are often used and the temperature they are galvanised at. (We have also included a code snippet to allow for easy embedding onto your own blog or website.)

Curved Armco Barriers – Measuring The Radius

When you imagine an Armco barrier, you might picture a strong, sturdy, immovable form of crash barrier protection, able to withstand all kinds of extreme impact. And so you should, because that’s exactly what Armco barriers do. As a result, the thought of an Armco barrier which has been curved, instead of being ramrod straight,… Read more »

What Are The Different Types of Car Park Bollards

Car park bollards are small but incredibly sturdy ways to protect the damage that an out of control vehicle can cause. It’s for this very reason that they are used in so many different circumstances, from protecting against vehicle theft and ram-raiding, to restricting access to pedestrianised areas and ensuring workplace safety. In some cases,… Read more »

What Are The Different Armco Barrier Heights?

Armco barriers are seen in all kinds of scenarios and come in various sizes – as such, you might be left wondering, what are the different Armco Barrier heights? The main purpose of installing an Armco barrier is safety, but to achieve the very highest levels of safety in your installation, you’ll need to know… Read more »

Workplace Transport Safety – Car Parking

Risk assessments are vital when it comes to ensuring the wellbeing of any workforce and, where moving vehicles are involved, Workplace Transport Safety is a major consideration. According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are over 5000 accidents involving transport in the workplace each year. About 50 of these result in people… Read more »

Armco Barriers in Agriculture

Armco barriers can be used within many types of industry, from manufacturing and warehouses to building sites and agriculture. The main aim of an Armco barrier is to offer solid protection of buildings, expensive machinery, and to safeguard people from the impact that a wayward vehicle can cause. A use for them, which you might not… Read more »

The importance of tree protection on building sites

At Armco Direct we are pleased to provide sturdy safety barrier protection for a whole range of important buildings, machinery and of course to safeguard human lives. Another form of safety equipment that we can offer is the installation of tree protection fencing in areas where they may otherwise become vulnerable to disturbance, injury, or… Read more »

Everything About Armco Barrier Prices

Crash barriers are designed to protect buildings, pedestrians, workers, machinery and anything else important from the impact caused by a collision with a moving object. Quite often they can even save lives. But, despite this, budget holders and key business decision makers can sometimes worry about Armco barrier prices and the cost of having them… Read more »

Why choose Armco Direct in 2018?

At Armco Direct we have been at the forefront of the corrugated steel and ancillary product industry for over a decade and in that time have developed vast expertise in Armco barrier protection. Our crash barriers and bollards are used in all kinds of situations, whether it’s to protect pedestrians, drivers and warehouse workers, or… Read more »