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The importance of tree protection on building sites

At Armco Direct we are pleased to provide sturdy safety barrier protection for a whole range of important buildings, machinery and of course to safeguard human lives. Another form of safety equipment that we can offer is the installation of tree protection fencing in areas where they may otherwise become vulnerable to disturbance, injury, or… Read more »

Everything About Armco Barrier Prices

Crash barriers are designed to protect buildings, pedestrians, workers, machinery and anything else important from the impact caused by a collision with a moving object. Quite often they can even save lives. But, despite this, budget holders and key business decision makers can sometimes worry about Armco barrier prices and the cost of having them… Read more »

Why choose Armco Direct in 2018?

At Armco Direct we have been at the forefront of the corrugated steel and ancillary product industry for over a decade and in that time have developed vast expertise in Armco barrier protection. Our crash barriers and bollards are used in all kinds of situations, whether it’s to protect pedestrians, drivers and warehouse workers, or… Read more »

6 mistakes to avoid when buying Armco Barriers

Armco barriers are specifically designed to protect buildings, expensive machinery and, perhaps most importantly, to keep workers and members of the public safe from collision with a moving vehicle. Our range of crash barriers, bollards, column and conveyor belt protection products are made from the toughest corrugated steel to ensure nothing – from wayward cars… Read more »

How Do Crash Barriers Help Road Safety?

At Armco Direct we see, day in, day out how our range of crash barrier products and safety bollards not only protect expensive equipment and buildings, but can prevent injury and loss of life too. We have been at the forefront of the corrugated steel and ancillary product industry for many years and in that… Read more »

Warehouse Safety Barriers

When it comes to protecting people and expensive equipment, (not to mention the importance of warehouse safety barriers), the risks can never be underestimated or taken lightly. Often the reasons behind accidents and collisions which occur in a warehouse, or similar environment, are down to lack of risk awareness and wayward vehicles straying into places… Read more »

Armco Safety Bollards

As time moves on and machinery develops, so does the need to offer greater protection against accidents and other kinds of damage through Armco safety bollards. Whether it’s to protect from criminal acts, such as ram raiding and criminal damage, to safeguard expensive equipment and pedestrians from impact caused by a wayward vehicle, or even… Read more »

Armco’s Summer Safety Barriers

Some might argue that the hotter weather makes us more lethargic and therefore more prone to accidents or collisions. And, whether or not this is the case, then one thing continues to be for certain – that Armco’s summer safety barriers continue to be worth their weight in gold when keeping pedestrians, buildings and equipment… Read more »

How are Armco Barriers made?

Armco barriers play a vital role in protecting human life, expensive equipment, machinery or buildings from damage which can be caused from an out of control vehicle such as a forklift or car. You might see them anywhere, from private roads and motorways, to warehouses, walkways and conveyor belts – and even on race tracks…. Read more »

The Installation of Armco Barriers

So you’ve made the decision to ensure solid protection from serious impact and collision in your place of work by ordering Armco barrier installation. In anywhere where it’s important to prevent damage from moving vehicles, whether it’s in a busy warehouse, on a building site, or by the side of the road, having galvanised steel Armco… Read more »