What is an Armco Barrier?

When you’re going about your daily life, you might not notice the presence of an Armco barrier, let alone...

Armco Barriers Installed In Front Of Machinery

When you’re going about your daily life, you might not notice the presence of an Armco barrier, let alone know what it’s called, but if it happens to get in your way one day, it could just be the thing that saves your life if you’re unlucky enough to need one.

So what is an Armco barrier? Well, it’s pretty unassuming to look at, but it’s made of some heavy duty stuff, namely robust galvanised steel that’s tough enough to withstand the impact of a car.

They are normally around 3500mm long and 3mm thick with a versatility which means the rails can be curved to suit the purpose it’s being used for. The posts, which attach the barriers to the ground, can be made of RSJ or spring steel and can be bolted down or cast into the ground.


What is the purpose of an Armco barrier?

Sometimes referred to as crash barriers, the Armco barrier is essentially put in place to prevent vehicles from going places they shouldn’t, such as down a steep slope, off a bridge or into a pedestrianised area or school yard. They act as a sturdy protection for both drivers and the object or person that would be driven into if the barrier wasn’t there.

So, if you’re driving down a major road, or over a bridge and are wondering what is the purpose of an Armco barrier, then you might be reassured that it’s the one thing preventing a head on collision with traffic coming the other way, or your car leaving the road.

When making the decision to put an Armco barrier in place, planners have to decide whether the collision that could occur with the barrier would be a safer outcome than the one which would happen if it wasn’t there and careful thought is given before putting one in place.

The barriers can then come as a single or multiple height with a variety of accessories and additions.

Where can Armco barriers be used?

As well as being used on busy roads, the Armco barriers are particularly useful in car parks, service yards, warehouses and loading bays, where safety is paramount. It’s reassuring to know that the barriers will protect people, property and machinery from the damage that an out of control vehicle could cause.

In addition to the added safety and peace of mind that an Armco barrier can offer, they are also popular because of their versatility and the fact that they require little to no maintenance once they’re in place.

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