Why Choose Armco Z Posts

Why Choose Armco Z Posts

Armco barriers are super efficient in many industrial applications, preventing the severe damage caused by impact from a moving vehicle. In this blog, we’re going to go into a bit more about what they are, why they are so effective, and what makes them the perfect choice for your business.

What Are Armco Z Posts?

Armco Z section posts are a form of steel crash barrier posts that are designed to protect people, vehicles, and property from impacts. Armco Beams are manufactured from sheet steel with supporting Z posts that can be bolted down to solid concrete or dug into the ground and set in concrete. The metal profiled sheets used in manufacturing are strong yet lightweight, making them easy to install and maintain over time.

Are There Different Types?

Yes, there are several different types of Armco Z Posts that are designed to meet the specific needs of each particular job. Armco Z posts used to support an Armco barrier system are available in different heights and can be installed at varying spacings. Bolt-down and dig-in options are available for the perfect solution. If Z posts don’t suit your solution, then we also offer a full range of RSJ posts

When installing an Armco crash barrier system, thought must also be given to the circumstances they’re being used in and the impact a vehicle collision would have. Combined, these two factors will influence the type of post you purchase. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about how these function, take a look at our blog, How do crash barriers work?.

The Difference Between Armco Z Post V RSJ Posts:

Both the Z section and RSJ section post perform the same function but have two major differences – cost and strength.

RSJ posts have the strongest post design, meaning that they’re great for high-risk areas as they take the brunt of any impact. When a vehicle collides with an Armco barrier fixed to RSJ posts, it comes to an abrupt halt.

Alternatively, the lightweight Z section post will collapse on impact, meaning there is less severity of force on the vehicle. This type of post is sacrificial and lightweight, meaning it is cheaper in low-risk areas and can prevent vehicles from being completely severely damaged upon impact. The Z section is the better option when you’re looking to make cost savings but still, want reassuring protection.

Where Are Armco Z Posts Suitable For?

It’s always necessary to make the right choice in the Armco Barrier posts that you choose, as they all offer different levels of protection.

Armco Z posts are best suited to areas that need a visual deterrent or segregation. This is because they were structurally weaker than their RSJ post counterparts and were designed to collapse upon impact. They are designed this way to prevent vehicle damage and are the economically cheaper option for long runs of new barriers.

Calculate Your Z Post Requirements Online

Once you’ve installed your Armco barrier system, you can take comfort in knowing that buildings, machinery and equipment will stay safe. When you’ve selected the type of post that is right for you, you can calculate your requirements online using our handy Armco Barrier calculator!

For further information about Armco Barriers, related queries, or to place an order, please contact a member of our customer service team today.

Z Posts FAQs:

We’ve done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Armco Z posts below:

How Do Armco Barriers Work?

An Armco crash barrier works by absorbing the impact of a collision. This typically involves a vehicle, so they are made to either withstand the collision or collapse upon impact. Common uses include segregation in car parks and industrial sites.

What Are Armco Barriers Made From?

Armco barriers are made from steel with a hot dip galvanised finish. The corrugated steel ensures they are strong enough to withstand impact, whilst the galvanised finish keeps them from rusting in the years to come.