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Stop worrying about the risk of injury to pedestrians and damage to valuable assets. Choose Armco Direct crash barriers for all off-highway applications.

  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461
  • 100% Recyclable Steel
  • 85 Year Life Expectancy
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Perfect for...


Traffic Segregation

Keep vehicles contained in safe operating areas throughout your premises.


Pedestrian Safety

Ensure that employees' and visitors' health and safety are at the forefront of your operations with discreet yet robust safety solutions.


Buildings & Storage

We offer a wide range of robust armco barrier system solutions to protect your investments.


Safety & Security

Installing security barriers is crucial to maintain site safety for employees.


Car Parks

Protect visitors to car parks and the pedestrians passing by.

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Loading Bays

Ensure that facilities with loading bays are following the appropriate measures for both driver and pedestrian safety.


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Safety Measures

Armco barrier systems are essential for protecting your business from accidental damage and protecting employees from potential hazards. Without these safety measures in place, you’re risking potential damage to expensive equipment, machinery and buildings- not to mention leaving workers vulnerable to workplace injury, which could result in legal action!

Protect your assets, employees and visitors using robust Armco Barriers galvanised to BS EN 1461 from Armco Direct Ltd. We aim to deliver your product within 48 hours or less*. Contact the UK’s premier supplier on 01530 839 955 for a FREE fast quote, use our online calculator, or get in touch via our online form.

  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461
  • 100% Recyclable Steel
  • 85 Year Life Expectancy
  • Low price guaranteed
  • Regulation sized
  • 48-hour delivery pledge
Tripple Beam armco barrier installation

Uses of Armco Steel Barriers

Armco Direct Ltd offers a range of galvanised steel Armco Barrier Systems designed for a wide range of internal and external applications. Our barriers come with various features, helping you protect your business from potential damage and injury.

Here at Armco Direct, we’re firmly established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of armco barrier products and have been for over a decade. This is due to our extensive range of high-quality products, expert industry knowledge and our commitment to providing outstanding service to our clients.

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Forklift Protection

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Car Parks

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Race Tracks

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Service Yards

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Loading Bays

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Petrol Stations


There Is No Risk In Getting Your Free Armco Barrier Quote

We’ve created a helpful ‘Armco Barrier Online Calculator‘ to help you calculate the exact costs for your project. Within two hours, you’ll receive a detailed quote that gives you the exact cost of the products you’ll need.

However, we don’t believe in rushing you into a decision; that’s why our quotes are price guaranteed and fixed for 30 days. Better still, we have a 48-hour delivery pledge, so you can receive your products in no time! Why don’t you check out the barrier calculator and get your price locked in today?

Contact The Armco Safety Barrier Supplier You Can Trust

Have you previously worked with companies that have poor customer communication? Or have they not had adequate stock for your project? We understand how frustrating this can be for customers. That’s why we promise a fast response time for all of our clients whilst maintaining a professional service throughout your purchasing journey.

For more information, get in touch with us on 01530 839 955, or fill out our contact form. Our expert advisors will get back to you shortly to discuss your armco safety barriers!


How Do Crash Barriers Work?

Armco crash barriers are designed to stop a moving vehicle, and prevent it from causing harm to the driver, other vehicles and property, or pedestrians in the surrounding area. If it is safer to stop the vehicle than to let it stop on its own, then an Armco crash barrier should be installed. This offers roadside protection from steep slopes, shallow-angle crashes, rivers, buildings, plant machinery and pedestrian areas.

However, Armco barriers are not just designed to stop vehicles. They are also carefully built and engineered to reduce the impact of a collision on the vehicle. To do this, Armco barriers are made to bend, twist and crumple before they snap. This has a couple of advantages:

  • As it bends, the barrier doesn’t actually bring the vehicle to a complete stop straight away, which reduces the level of g-force that drivers and passengers experience.
  • Bending and crumpling also spreads the impact energy created by the collision across the length of the barrier, rather than having one single impact point. This means that the damage is spread, but significantly lessened.
  • Flexible barriers are less likely to snap or fly off, which is incredibly hazardous for drivers and pedestrians nearby.

This is why Armco barriers have their signature corrugated shape, as this gives them the flexibility to bend and crumple rather than breaking and snapping in the event of a collision. The shape and structure of Armco barriers also prevents vehicles from flipping or turning during the collision.

At Armco Direct, our Armco barriers are made from BS EN 1461 galvanised steel, which has the strength required to stop a moving vehicle but is also flexible enough to bend.

Crash Barriers vs. Safety Barriers

Crash and safety barriers are very similar, but there are a few key differences. Both are designed to keep people safe, reduce the likelihood of severe injury and improve driver safety solutions.

Crash barriers are used exclusively in areas where vehicles are at risk – car parks, warehouses, industrial estates etc.

On the other hand, safety barriers have a wider range of applications. They can be used as a temporary traffic controlling method, as a pedestrian barrier, as a traffic barrier, and as safety measure in hazardous applications (both for pedestrians and for vehicles). Concrete barriers, road barriers, plastic barriers, corrugated steel barriers, open box beam barriers, are just a few examples.

Crash barriers – and Armco crash barriers in particular – are often made from steel. Our Armco barriers are made from galvanised steel to BS EN 1461 standards, with an 80-year lifespan, so you can feel confident they will last without excessive rusting, breaking down, or losing strength over time. This flexible barrier material allows crash barriers to stop vehicles safely and prevent them from causing any damage but is strong enough to last a lifetime.

importance of car park crash barriers

Which Barrier is Right for You?

The right crash barrier is high-quality and fits your site’s needs. Easier said than done though, right?

When choosing impact protection barriers for your site or business, the extensive range of crash barrier options can seem daunting. Choosing the right type of barrier can be challenging, especially when ordering online. Each has advantages and disadvantages, from polyester powder-coated barriers to galvanised steel guardrails, crash barrier beams, curved barriers, road barriers, metal barriers, concreate barriers, concave and convex barriers, different barrier heights, Armco crash barrier dig-in posts or bolt down posts, barrier end sections – the list of parts for your Armco barrier can seem endless!

Fortunately, we are here to help. Our handy online calculator will help you work out exactly what Armco barrier supplies you need for your project. All you need to do is enter the length of barrier you require, the type of posts you need (this will depend on the ground conditions in the area you’re placing the barrier), and any curves or angles you need, and that’s it! Our expert team will do the rest, building you a bespoke quote tailored perfectly to your needs.

At Armco Direct, we are specialists in Armco barrier safety, and understand the needs of our customers in a wide range of sectors perfectly. Installing maximum protection against heavy impacts is of the utmost importance, but you also need to ensure your site remains easy to navigate for pedestrians and road users. We also understand the importance of budget constraints, and so we aim to offer not just exceptional service but affordable Armco crash barriers and barrier accessories too.

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or put your project details into our online calculator to receive a same-day quote from a member of our team! You can also view our Armco Barrier Dimension Guide.


What Our Customers Say

We came to Armco Direct with little no knowledge on crash barriers, we were able to talk with the team and work out exactly what we needed. Once we had ordered the product, it arrived on-site within 48 hours as promised. We have absolutely 0 complaints, the process was flawless.

John SmithLand Rover

Fantastic service from Armco Direct. Ordered an emergency lot of Armco barriers and they delivered next day to site with no issue.

Lee HancockCustomer

I've worked alongside Armco Direct as part of a few engineering projects and always found their team a pleasure to deal with. Try them if you need to install a crash barrier etc.

Matthew ThompsonCustomer

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Armco Barrier FAQs:

We’ve done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about armco barriers below:

How Does An Armco Barrier Work?

An Armco crash barrier works by absorbing the impact of a crash – usually involving a vehicle. The barrier is usually constructed from sheet steel and consists of a central Armco beam, which is supported by RSJ or Z posts. When a vehicle collides with the barrier, the sheets flex slightly to absorb energy while still maintaining their structure. This allows them to protect property and prevent injury.

Where Are Armco Barriers Used?

Armco barriers are most commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, They can be installed to protect warehouses, service yards , private roadsides, car parks, building entrances/exits or any area where there is a risk of pedestrians and vehicle movements clashing.

What Are The Advantages Of Armco Barriers?

Armco barriers are an ideal barrier choice because they offer superior safety features, such as impact absorption and strength. Available in a variety of options, they’re highly versatile and easy to install and maintain, providing cost-effective crash protection. In addition, they have a long life span, making them ideal for areas where a barrier is required over a long period of time.