Buildings & Storage Barriers

Stainless Steel Guardrail

As with any workplace environment, if you are in charge of a building site, storage units, or an industrial plant, it’s crucial that your workers feel safe. Because these sites often experience heavy traffic, the risk of danger increases tenfold – for example when compared to a more typical office environment. Therefore, it is absolutely key that you have the correct precautions in place. This is where Armco Direct can help. 

How barrier systems protect your workers

Safety barriers boost awareness of surroundings 

Areas such as loading bays and warehouses should feature safety warnings. Signs should be installed to make those entering the building aware of potentially hazardous areas. As staff may get comfortable when attending the building or site on a regular basis, they are just as prone to accidents as visitors. Having barriers in place keeps the potentially dangerous areas clearly visible to staff and visitors when they are walking around the building site, reducing the risk of an accident happening and your company being found liable. 

How barrier systems protect your workers

Safety barriers protect your vehicles

Industrial buildings, warehouses and car parks naturally all experience heavy vehicular traffic, from regular cars to heavy-duty vehicles. This is where having a barrier system like the ones we build at Armco Direct comes in handy. Our barrier range includes our 3.2m Effective Beam Yellow RAL 1007, which has been designed with high visibility in mind to better reduce collisions.

How barrier systems protect your workers

Safety barriers reduce and prevent accidents

Of course, workplace safety is vital for any business. On this, one key area that business owners often overlook on their safety audits is the car park. If your business is in charge of the staff or visitor car park, either – as you might expect – is a high-risk area that requires certain features to ensure that those using the space are not exposed to avoidable hazards such as a vehicle collision. Crash barrier beams in these areas are designed to reduce the impact of a collision and ensure people know where they can and can’t walk. 

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How barrier systems protect your workers

Health and safety regulations

All buildings, including storage facilities and industrial plants, need to pass specific health and safety checks. At Armco Direct, we make sure all of our products meet the recommended health and safety requirements before you receive them. This means you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality products that are fit to boost the safety element of your worksite. 

How barrier systems protect your workers

Barrier systems can improve productivity

You can use barrier systems as a way to direct traffic and reduce confusion. Site with a more orderly traffic system can operate far more smoothly. You can use these barriers to create a one-way walking system should you feel the need to. At Armco Direct, we have a wide range of fixings and bollards that can help you achieve this. To find out more visit our online barrier calculator.  

How barrier systems protect your workers

Barriers can prevent unwanted personnel from entering the site

Places like power plants and manufacturing plants are typically high-risk environments. You do not want to give pedestrian access to people who do not need to be there entering the site. Having a visible barrier system in place, such as our 193mm Bollard, ensures people are aware that there is restricted access to the premises.

Safety barriers in the workplace

The Armco Direct pledge

At Armco Direct, we pledge to provide all of our customers with a free quote within 2 hours of receiving your request. We appreciate that many of you have tight deadlines you need to meet for your projects, which is why we deliver nationwide. What’s more, if you are ordering to a location within England or Wales, your order will arrive within 48 hours. We have worked with large companies such as Jaguar, Caterpillar and Toyota so you know we are a safety barrier supplier you can trust. To find out more, get in touch with our team today.