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At Armco Direct, we are one of the UK’s market leaders in the development and production of parking, crash and traffic beams and barriers that are customised to your needs.

Thanks to a renewed emphasis on pedestrian health and safety, car park barriers, crash barriers and bollards are now essential for outlining the boundary of any new industrial, commercial, or even residential development in the UK.

As car park barriers provide either a solid or scattered boundary to your car park, they assist in preventing unauthorised Vehiclesfrom gaining access to your parking premises  Not only this, but they also protect visitors to the car park – be it personnel, customers, or guests – in the event of an accident or emergency.

Why Do You Need Car Park Barriers?

First and foremost, car park barriers serve to prevent or reduce the risk of road traffic collisions. Both static crash barriers and bollards can be used to outline the boundary of the premises for this purpose.

In doing so, you can better protect visitors to the car park and the pedestrians passing by.

Enhance Site Safety

These barriers are specially designed to absorb and reduce the impact of a collision. If a car were to unfortunately or unexpectedly lose control on the road, the car park barriers would serve to lessen the wider collateral damage that this can have.

In other words, barriers can stop rogue motorists from crashing into the car park.

Restrict Access and Provide Order

Car park barriers serve as a physical solid barrier around the premises – thus, another purpose that car park barriers serve is to restrict access to the car park.

Static beams and bollards can stop motorists from cutting into the car park through an unauthorised entrance, forcing them to go through the allocated car park entrance instead.

This supports a fair queuing system, funnelling traffic, and reduces the risk of cars cutting across pedestrian pathways and causing accidents when they are in a rush to find a parking space.

What Are The Different Types of Car Park Bollards?

Improve Pedestrian Safety

If you decide to opt for bollards for your car park, this can better support pedestrians who are walking to and from their parked cars. Bollards allow space for pedestrians to safely enter and exit the car park away from moving vehicles.

You can couple bollards with solid barriers to effortlessly direct foot traffic towards the safest areas for them to walk.

In addition to this, solid car park barriers can both prevent motorists and deter pedestrians from entering the car park when they are unauthorised. This can help to reduce theft, so users of your car park can be rest assured that their vehicles are safe on your premises.

Bollards can even be placed across the entrance of the car park, which can be laid down during opening hours and raised to prevent entry when closed.

Deter Intruders

A durable parking barrier may fend off potential intruders and visibly outline the boundaries of your premises, which is especially important if there is any valuable and specialist equipment or resources stored within your site.

These extra security precautions might also ensure your personnel and any onsite visitors feel safer and more secure when parking on your property.

That being said, of course, the main reason you need car park barriers has to be for health and safety, putting in the necessary precautions required to better protect pedestrians and nearby road users alike from stray traffic and unfortunate accidents.

Car Crash Barrier

Why Armco Barriers Are Perfect for Car Park Applications

When searching for durable and robust barriers for your car park applications, look no further than Armco barriers – and for the best Armco barriers that don’t compromise on quality or value for money – Armco Direct can help you out!

Having Armco barriers in place for your car park applications can significantly reduce the risks of damage to vehicles, expensive equipment, machinery and buildings – as well as increase security levels and protect your personnel from enduring any workplace injury, and all the soaring costs that come with that. 

Our Armco barriers are designed and built in top-class manufacturing facilities where we oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring all our barriers meet rigorous quality standards.

We carefully monitor each step of the manufacturing process to guarantee that all of our Armco barriers satisfy demanding quality requirements. We also consistently update our manufacturing facilities to ensure our barriers are always suitable to the modern environment and the new manufacturing techniques that come with it.

Armco Barriers Are Strong and Durable

As well as being extremely strong and sturdy, Armco barriers are expertly designed to be durable and long lasting, withstanding collisions from oncoming vehicles and other potential damage for lengthy periods of time.

Our Armco barriers, which are constructed of galvanised steel (that meets BS EN 1461 requirement), will give you peace of mind in knowing that they will endure for years without rusting, degrading, or losing any strength. 

At Armco Direct, we’re proud to say that the exceptional Armco barriers we masterfully manufacture are built with the highest quality materials, meaning they have a life expectancy of 85 years – exceeding the average 80-year lifespan of other manufacturers. 

Armco barriers can securely stop moving vehicles with the assistance of the flexible barrier material, which we guarantee is robust and durable enough to last a lifetime. Car parks may undergo the odd car crash from time to time, but Armco barriers eliminate the risk.

Armco Barriers Are Safer for Drivers

Armco barriers are often installed in places where there is a risk of collision between a vehicle or a pedestrian. These areas need to have some sort of barrier in operation for general safety management. 

Among the most crucial functions of car park barriers for drivers is that they have the ability to immediately stop cars from moving as swiftly and safely as possible. 

When driving a car, the driver and the vehicle possess kinetic energy while the vehicle is moving, but when you suddenly stop, this energy has nowhere to go, generating g-force.

You may have experienced the effect of g-force – on both passengers and drivers – if you’ve been involved in a collision or an emergency stop. When a car crashes into a solid structure, such as a building, the collision is likely to be far more severe than when it meets a barrier. This is due to the fact that hitting an immovable object increases the g-force. 

This idea has been taken into consideration when designing our Armco barriers.

Armco Barriers Are Flexible to the Needs of Your Car Park Site

Without a doubt – the right Armco or car park barrier for you is one that is high quality and flexible to the needs of your car park site. 

Today’s complete barrier range might be daunting when deciding on which impact protection barriers to install for your car park. However, we at Armco Direct are experts in barrier protection and have a thorough understanding of the requirements of our clients across a variety of industries and sites – we know what sites need what! 

It is crucial to provide the most robust protection against heavy impacts, but you also need to make sure that pedestrians and other road users may easily access your property – or prevent unauthorised people from accessing it.

You can use our convenient online calculator to determine the exact barrier materials you need for your project, site, or parking applications. Simply input the length of barrier you need, the kind of posts you need (this will depend on the terrain where the barrier is being placed), and any curves or angles you require, and voila –  you’re done! 

Rest assured that our qualified team will produce a free quotation just for you that meets all of your needs exactly. We can even measure the maximum beam length and determine the ideal placement for beam lighting for your car park. Whether you need barriers in your car park, for your healthcare facilities, or production facilities, we can help you!

Armco Barriers Are Affordable

Armco barriers are a far less expensive solution for increasing workplace health and safety measures, and are an affordable alternative when compared to other types of protection barriers in working premises, and especially in car parks. 

We strive to offer the most competitive rates and lowest prices in the UK when it comes to our barrier pricing here at Armco Direct. Because of this, our high quality, highly-accredited products can be purchased from us for as little as £28.00 per metre, which includes one post, one beam, and the required bolts. 

It might be comforting to know that, in addition to keeping our rates low, we deliver a variety of barrier prices to meet a variety of budgets, demands, and requirements for all projects (big and small). While Armco barriers are an affordable solution – have peace of mind knowing that Armco Direct will always provide you with a fair quote and the cheapest prices for the utmost quality products.

Some may contend that it is hard to place a value on averting the severe harm that may be done to your company or employees when a large moving object loses control, but our barrier rates are intended to help as a general guide. 

Most – if not all – business owners will understand the value of safeguarding both their employees and their costly machinery and equipment within working industrial sites, construction sites and working environments. 

For this reason, Armco safety barriers are implemented in working areas, sites and car parks where accidents might happen often to prevent any severe damage.

Of course, if you require systems for recording of vehicle movements or vehicle number plate recognition, you could add this to our barrier solution at a later date to further secure your premises.

Armco Barriers Are Easily Replaceable

All items and extras supplied and installed with our car park barrier systems have a standard galvanised finish. Our Armco barriers are composed of BS EN 1461 galvanised steel, which is strong enough to stop a moving vehicle, yet flexible enough to bend rather than stopping a vehicle immediately, which can cause further damage to the vehicle. 

Individual sections are easily replaceable if they become damaged during use, and should have a lifespan of 85 years with very little maintenance required for a lifetime. 

The distinctive corrugated design of Armco barriers allows them to bend and collapse in the event of a collision rather than snapping and breaking. Additionally, Armco barriers’ design and structure prevent cars from tipping over or rotating during collisions.

Armco Barriers Can Be Used on All Types of Terrain

In a variety of industrial settings, Armco barrier posts are utilised to provide robust protection against the damage that can be inflicted by an out-of-control vehicle. 

Armco barriers, which are made of solid galvanised steel, can be put in storage facilities, car parks, building sites, and other places where vehicles are allowed to move about openly. Armco barrier posts may be either bolted down or dug into the ground to keep them firmly in place.

Where a concrete foundation is necessary, typically in regions with soft ground, stone, or tarmac, dig-in posts are used. When a concrete slab is available to fasten posts to, such as in service yards, warehouses, or car parks, bolt down posts are used. So, in the case of car park barriers, your best option will typically be to go for bolt down posts. You can also get security posts and drop-down posts.

Starting Your Car Park Barrier Project with Armco Direct

Whatever project you are working on, be it for a commercial building, industrial site, car park or any other building project or development plan, we at Armco Direct can manufacture and provide the exact safety protection barriers your site needs

Our creative car park management team can create a bespoke barrier system to directly help with: 

  • Traffic management
  • Park management solutions
  • Secure management
  • Park control
  • Concentrated access control

We are a highly renowned, trusted, and credible company for businesses, construction services, development firms, private residencies,  industrial companies and more!

Explore our complete range of Armco barriers and accessories today! Any questions? Don’t hesitate, just call.

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