The Importance of Car Park Crash Barriers

When the presence of moving vehicles and pedestrians are combined, safety becomes of paramount concern. A car park is...

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When the presence of moving vehicles and pedestrians are combined, safety becomes of paramount concern.

A car park is one such example and it’s therefore easy to see the importance of car park crash barriers, to offer protection against injury or even loss of life.

When going to and leaving the workplace, members of staff will often be walking by moving vehicles, in order to get to the workplace from a car park, or make their way home.

The proximity to moving traffic can be reduced by installing workplace car park crash barrier protection, which clearly separates pedestrians and heavy moving vehicles and thus reduces the likelihood of collision and injury.

In addition, the same can be put in place to protect shoppers using busy city centre car parks. Sometimes it can be hard for drivers to spot passers by, especially in dimly lit areas, such as car parks, yet a highly visible Armco barrier will give a clear signal of where it is and isn’t ok to go.

On top of reducing the risk of harm to pedestrians, car park crash barriers can also offer protection for buildings, monuments and machinery by stopping out of control vehicles from straying into an area where they might cause damage.

How to work out what type of car park crash barriers you need

In private car parks, the main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles, such as motorbikes and bicycles, or pedestrians being struck or crushed by vehicles as they walk past.

As mentioned above, accidents can be avoided when crash barriers are installed to keep pedestrians and parked cars away from moving vehicles.

So, you’ve established the need for crash barrier protection, how can you work out the size, type and amount you need – and how much it will cost?

In order to ensure the right car park crash barrier protection is in place, proper risk assessment should first be carried out.

Following that, you can use our online free Armco Barrier Calculator, to find out exactly what you need for your project in a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve measured up the area in which you want to install car park crash barriers, the online calculator allows you to put in the following information:

  • Length – how many metres of Armco crash barrier you need
  • Number of 90 degree corners
  • Post spacing – the greater the protection required, the closer the space
  • End protection
  • Beams (either single or double row, 3mm thick premium, or 1.5mm economy)
  • Bolt down posts (available in various heights)
  • Post section (RSJ Premium or Z economy)
  • Barrier finishing (galvanised finish or polyester powder)

After that, you’ll be able to easily calculate a competitive quote for your exact car park crash barrier requirements in no time at all.

Get car park crash barriers installed in no time

At Armco Direct, we have car park crash barrier solutions to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements.

If you have any questions about the type of Armco barriers you need for any car park, get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.