Car Park Barrier Installation

Car Park Barrier Installation

Car parks can be incredibly dangerous places without the correct car park barrier installation in place, thanks to the regular and heavy movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

It’s a common sight seeing bright smears of car paint on car park walls, columns and barriers. That’s because often vehicles are required to manoeuvre into small and tight spaces. Car parks by their very nature are often dark and dimly lit. Added to this, you’ve got the presence of potentially unaware pedestrians moving among the vehicles, which makes collision and injury a very likely possibility. 

Minimise and prevent damage 

It’s car park barrier installation which helps prevent more serious damage from occurring. Car park barriers can clearly mark the areas which divide where pedestrians and vehicles can go. Not only that, they can serve to protect the building structure itself. A collision with a supporting column can be highly problematic, but if a sturdy barrier is protecting that column, then the collision is likely to cause a lot less damage and cost to repair.

Shopping centre car parks are often the worst examples of where collisions occur. They’re normally underground and dark, while the amount of people coming and going is considerable. 

Just as car owners should of course take considerable care when driving around these car parks and in choosing where they park, the onus is also on the car park managers to ensure the safety of pedestrians by putting the right safety measures in place to minimise and prevent damage. Learn why you need industrial safety barriers.

This can be done by first carrying out a risk assessment of the car park itself, checking for signs of wear and tear and where repairs and upgrades need to be made, as well as identifying blind spots where vehicle/ pedestrian collisions might occur.

Get the right protection 

Car park barriers from Armco Direct are discreet, yet robust safety systems, which are made from 100% recyclable corrugated steel that is galvanised to the BS EN 1461 standard. 

This means they’re fully capable of remaining firmly in place, staying strong and sturdy, whatever the conditions. The way that they’re designed allows the car park barriers to absorb the impact from a collision, causing as little damage to the barrier and vehicle as possible. 

When calculating your requirements for car park barrier installation, you can use our online nonsense free Armco Barrier Calculator, to find out exactly what you need in a matter of seconds. You’ll also benefit from the following, where required:

  • Speedy 48 hour delivery guarantee from the moment you place your order (throughout the UK)
  • Lifetime guarantee on all galvanised steel products.
  • Receive an online parts list in minutes using our online calculator
  • Get a fully priced quote in two hours 
  • Low price guaranteed

Armco Direct has worked with many well-known companies in the past, such as Amazon, Ronseal, Sports Direct, Jaguar, Nissan, Travis Perkins and the list goes on. 

We have been delighted to provide tailored solutions that give companies the levels of safety and reassurance that they need. That’s why we’ve remained 5* rated on Amazon for over 12 years. 

Armco Barrier Calculator

Car park barriers can be either floor mounted or column-mounted, depending on what they’re needed for and they’re available in a range of sizes.  

When car park barrier installation is what you’re looking for, get a free calculation of your Armco Barrier needs today by using our online calculator and receive a quote.