Bolt Down Posts

A Bolt Down Post is a post made out of galvanised steel that is used to anchor objects to hard surfaces, such as concrete. These posts are ideal for use when installing barrier on a service yard concrete slab or  inside a warehouse. They come in different heights and sections depending on the type of traffic and pedestrian movements in your warehouse or other premises. All bolt down posts require fixing to a solid surface , while dig in post don’t. At Armco Direct, we are able to provide you with expert knowledge to guide you in choosing the correct Bolt Down Post for the job. 

How do you fit a Bolt Down Post support?

All Bolt down posts require a substantial solid surface such as a reinforced concrete slab to bolt down to – never be tempted to attempt to bolt down to a tarmac surface. The Bolt down post can sit directly on the solid surface and the required amount of floor anchor bolts used to hold the post securely in place. For example, the 560 Bolt Down Post made with 100% recyclable galvanised steel is a rolled steel joint. This post requires 4nr floor anchor bolts  be fitted correctly. . Other options, such as the 610 Bolt Down Spring Steel Post, require only 2nr floor anchor bolts and are designed to flex which puts less stress on the fixing and concrete floor slab.

Different types of Bolt Down Posts 

At Armco Direct, we have a variety of Bolt Down Posts. We stock models such as the 610 Bolt Down Post for cars and LGV, which is an affordable option that is compatible with all barriers. The 560 Bolt Down Shock Absorbing Post for forklift trucks is a slightly more durable option. Both will withstand daily wear and tear. 

If you want to create a pedestrian route, then the 760 Bolt Down Post with handrail extensions is a good option. These posts are simple to install – instead of digging them into the ground, they can be bolted in place. This makes them ideal for pedestrianised areas and, due to their handrail extensions, they are suitable for easy installation of handrails.

If you require a Bolt Down Post in a loading bay area frequented by a heavy goods vehicle, then you may want to consider the 760 Shock posts Bolt Down Steel post as your best option. This product has flexible rubber absorbers and is designed to be durable and withstand heavy knocks without needing to be replaced. If you are unsure of which one to go for and would like to know more, contact our team and one of the experts will be able to sit down and guide you through the potential options.

Kick start your project today! 

At Armco, all our Bolt Down Posts are produced using 100% recyclable steel and come with an 85-year life expectancy – so you know you can trust the quality. With over a decade of experience, we provide you with the highest quality of products possible. 

Getting a quote with us has never been easier. Simply let us know your requirements and you can get a free quote emailed to you within two hours. Worried about meeting your deadline? We guarantee your products will be delivered to you anywhere across England and Wales within 48 hours of you making your order. 

By purchasing your Bolt Down Posts from us, you are guaranteed products that meet the latest health and safety regulations. Choosing Armco Direct is a quick and easy solution to getting your project kick-started. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your project today.

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