Forklift Safety Barriers

When it comes to warehouses and industrial sites, you can’t underestimate the importance of on-site safety. At Armco Direct, our forklift barriers are designed to protect people and withstand tough conditions – allowing seamless operation of your forklifts without posing any risk to personnel or infrastructure. As experts in workplace safety barriers, we’ve made it our mission in setting new benchmarks in safety standards across the UK. If you’re investing in forklift safety barriers, work with a company that puts workplace safety first.

What Is A Forklift Barrier?

In the environment of a warehouse, prioritising safety is crucial. A forklift barrier serves as an element designed to safeguard both personnel and infrastructure from accidents involving forklifts. These barriers act as shields – preventing damage or harm. Compared to pallet trucks, the weight and speed at which forklifts operate can cause collisions, leading to damage or injuries – therefore, integrating warehouse safety barriers is necessary for businesses aiming to uphold the latest safety standards.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using Forklift Barriers?

Safety takes precedence in a warehouse environment. Forklift truck barriers play a major role in ensuring the safety of both employees and equipment. Let’s explore the advantages that these barriers offer.

1. Improved Warehouse Safety

One of the risks in any warehouse setting is the movement of forklifts. These heavy machines are essential, but can cause serious damage to both personnel and infrastructure if not operated with care. This danger also poses a risk to pedestrians – which is why we understand the importance of delineating pedestrian access from heavy machinery routes. Our quality forklift barriers are meticulously designed to provide robust protection – ensuring a seamless flow of operations without compromising on safety. With the integration of our traffic barriers, you can confidently minimise risks, allowing your workforce to navigate the premises with ease and assurance.

2. Prevention of Costly Damages

In today’s landscape, ensuring the safety of assets also holds immense value. At Armco Direct, we recognise the importance of protecting your premises from accidents. Our solutions are specifically designed to provide collision protection – ensuring that your infrastructure and personnel remain unharmed.

Sturdy Collision Protection for Your Assets – Every day warehouses and factories witness a flurry of activity involving machinery, including forklift trucks. These vehicles are crucial. They can unintentionally cause damage if they collide with infrastructure or products. Our barrier systems are meticulously designed to absorb and redirect the impact – reducing damages and saving you from repairs.

Priority on Forklift Truck Safety – Forklift trucks play a role in industrial settings. However, their operation carries risks. Even a small mistake can lead to accidents, some of which can be devastating. By implementing our collision protection solutions, you can ensure that your forklift trucks operate in an environment minimising the chances of mishaps.

Barrier Systems – Your barrier system goes beyond protecting assets; it plays a key role in safeguarding your valuable resource – your employees. Placed barriers act as a buffer, ensuring that any unintended vehicle movement doesn’t put your staff at risk. People’s safety is our priority, and our barrier systems reflect our commitment to that cause.

3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Now more than ever, operational efficiency is essential. At Armco Direct, we understand the significance of streamlining operations to ensure your business operates smoothly and efficiently like a coordinated team.

Our solutions are specifically designed to improve your efficiency in the area of safety and protection. This helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

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4. Boosted Employee Confidence

A confident workforce is a healthier one. There’s nothing more confidence-boosting than knowing their wellbeing is a top priority. Our range of warehouse barriers plays a role in achieving this objective by ensuring that your team can focus on their tasks, knowing their protection is ensured.

Putting Safety First

The use of warehouse barriers goes beyond marking areas or guiding traffic. They serve as a testament to an organisation’s dedication to safety. Having these traffic barriers in place sends your employees a message that their well-being is a priority. This not only minimises the chances of accidents but also boosts overall employee morale.

Improved Productivity with Peace of Mind

Employees who feel confident about their safety can focus better on their own tasks. With our barriers in place, the constant worry about hazards is eliminated, allowing your team to work efficiently and effectively. It’s an addition that can result in enhancements in workflow and productivity.

Investing in the Future

Investing in warehouse barriers means investing in your company’s future. A safe working environment reduces downtime caused by accidents, ensures compliance with health and safety regulations and enhances your company’s reputation as an employer. In the long term, this small investment can yield returns both in terms of productivity and employee retention.

5. Lasting Durability

At Armco Direct, we are committed to providing high-quality products that are built for the long term. We understand the increasing demands of consumers, which is why we have tailored our items to withstand the test of time. Our guard rails are designed to remain resilient against wear and tear –ensuring lasting satisfaction.

In today’s landscape, products need to be able to handle demands brought on by use. Our understanding of this drives us, as as we craft our products with durability in mind.

6. Design Flexibility

We recognise the changing nature of warehouses and industrial environments. That’s why we have developed a versatile range of forklift barriers that seamlessly integrate into your operations. Our traffic barriers are not only sturdy and long-lasting – they’re also designed to adapt. Whether you need to manage heavy vehicle traffic or ensure the safety of pedestrian access, our barriers are up to the challenge.

Experience the combination of functionality and design, ensuring that your premises remain safe while maintaining an aesthetic. With our crash barriers, you are not just investing in safety, but an asset that adds value to your business. Place your trust in our commitment to excellence.


Why Choose Armco Directs Forklift Safety Barriers?

Superior Protection – Our forklift safety barriers are specifically designed to withstand high-impact collisions – ensuring the protection of both your employees and assets.

Quality Assurance – Our barriers are crafted with care using high-quality galvanised steel that ensures durability and meets the highest safety standards set by Britain.

Quick and Easy Setup – We understand the importance of time in warehouse operations. That’s why our forklift safety barriers are designed to be installed – saving you time and effort.

Cost-effective Solution – Investing in safety measures now can save you a significant amount of money in terms of potential damages and compensation. Our barriers offer a solution that provides peace of mind.

Pleasing design – Safety doesn’t have to compromise on aesthetics. Our sleek and modern steel hoop barriers are highly visible yet seamlessly blend into your warehouse environment, enhancing its appeal.

What are impact barriers and why are they crucial for forklift operations?

Impact barriers are physical barriers designed to protect building components, storage racking, objects, equipment, materials, and people from the dangers of forklifts or other vehicles. They are essential for preventing collisions and ensuring safety within a facility or warehouse.

Why are painted lines or marked tape not effective as forklift barriers?

Painted lines or marked tape on the floor are only visual administrative controls. While they can act as warning signs, they cannot physically stop a vehicle from impacting, making them insufficient to prevent collisions.

What should one look for in an impact barrier?

Impact barriers should be constructed with solid materials that can absorb the impact of a forklift without breaking. They should be highly visible, with yellow being the preferred colour as it designates “caution” and marks workplace physical hazards.

How should bollards, a type of impact barrier, be positioned?

Bollards should be accurately mounted and positioned in front of the material you intend to protect. They should surround the material adequately to ensure a forklift cannot hit it. Maintaining at least 12 inches of clearance between the object to be protected and the bollard is best.

What features should one look for in impact barrier systems?

Impact barrier systems should be easy to customise, quick to replace, and flexible enough to expand or relocate as per the needs of the facility.

Forklift Safety Barriers