Warehouse Safety Bollards

Our range of warehouse safety bollards is designed to offer robust off-highway protection against vehicles such as forklift trucks when they go out of control.

Manufactured from premium materials, all Armco Direct steel bollards are built to withstand the rigours of any industrial setting with their recyclable steel, galvanised to BS EN 1461.

They can also be polyester powder coated yellow and function as a visual deterrent for drivers too.

Reduce your risk, cut costs, protect yourself, and improve your safety measures.

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Protective Bollards

Safe Environment with Warehouse Barriers

In a warehouse setting, vehicles are always coming and going from a loading bay to their final destination. There’s a high risk of collision, meaning that heavy-duty safety bollards are a necessity.

We offer a secure perimeter in a range of industrial or commercial situations with our fixed bollards. Whether it’s for car parks, entrances, traffic control, or protection for pedestrians, you’ll have peace of mind with our warehouse safety bollards.

Improve the overall safety of your workplace, while reducing downtime.

With an 85-year life expectancy, we make bollards that last.

Industrial Safety bollards

Robust Protection for Equipment and Workers

Are warehouse safety bollards worth the investment?

Without measures to prevent heavy vehicles from crashing into shelves, racking, columns, machinery, tools, stock, and the structure of buildings and the warehouse itself, the risk of incurring damage worth thousands of pounds becomes a significant concern.

Apart from that, the risk of accidents to staff and pedestrians means the human cost could be even higher.

With a one-off investment, Armco Direct can put these concerns to rest.

48-hour delivery anywhere in England and Wales

Long-term durability with an 85-year life expectancy

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Warehouse Safety Bollards In use

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the questions people want answered about warehouse safety bollards.

A bollard in a warehouse is a sturdy, vertical post designed to offer protection and safety. Positioned strategically, warehouse bollards safeguard people, shelving, machinery, and the structure itself from accidental vehicle collisions. By creating physical barriers, they prevent damage to valuable assets and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Available in various materials and sizes, warehouse safety bollards are essential components in maintaining a safe and efficient working environment.

Typically, planning permission is not required for installing safety bollards in a warehouse setting, as they are considered non-permanent structures aimed at enhancing on-site safety. However, it’s essential to consult local council guidelines or planning authorities to ensure compliance with any specific regulations or requirements in your area. Armco Direct can help you with this once you have calculated your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Doing this will help avoid any potential issues and ensure your installation meets all necessary legal and safety standards.

The standards for bollards in a warehouse setting encompass durability, impact resistance, and visibility. They must comply with specific British Standards (BS) that ensure they can withstand the forces they might encounter. Additionally, these standards dictate the materials, construction, and reflective features to maximise visibility and effectiveness. Regular assessments and certifications may also be required to confirm their continuous compliance with these rigorous safety and quality benchmarks. Speak to us if you have any questions regarding this.

The optimal spacing for safety bollards in a warehouse depends on the specific floor area being protected and the type of vehicles operating within the vicinity. This spacing ensures that vehicles cannot pass between bollards, while still allowing pedestrian movement and access to machinery or shelves. Always tailor bollard placement to your warehouse’s unique layout and safety requirements for maximum effectiveness.