Warehouse Bollards, Are They Worth The Investment?

Warehouse Bollards Are They Worth The Investment

In a busy industrial environment, steel warehouse bollards are a vital way to prevent the damage that can occur when a moving vehicle, such as a forklift, goes out of control. But when you’re looking to install them in a warehouse environment, how can you be sure they’re worth the investment?

To start with, warehouse bollards are highly visible, painted bright yellow to act as a visual deterrent and help guide the movement of traffic around anything which could sustain damage. This way vehicle drivers will see them ahead, whether moving forward or reversing, and know not to go any further.

Should that vehicle be out of control, however, or, for some reason, the driver hasn’t seen the bollard, it will offer a solid steel barrier to ensure it goes no further, whether it likes it or not.

The cost savings that can be made

When there’s nothing in place to stop a heavy vehicle from colliding with shelves, racking, columns, machinery, tools, stock and the warehouse structure itself, then the potential for many thousands of pounds worth of damage becomes very real. And in a confined warehouse environment where many vehicles are regularly moving about loading and unloading goods, the risk of such collision is high.

This is one reason why an initial investment in warehouse bollards, which can protect against damage, becomes very worthwhile.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, there’s the protection that warehouse bollards can give to workers and pedestrians in a busy warehouse environment which will prevent them from coming to any harm.

It’s important to remember that, on top of reducing the risk of injury or threat to human life, Health and Safety is becoming more and more important, with liability on the increase for safety violations. And these can be extremely costly.

By not implementing adequate access restriction, the risk of injury, property damage and financial liability could fall on the premises owner which, more often than not, means considerably greater cost than the cost of installing warehouse barriers in the first place.

Warehouse safety bollards which last

Armco Direct is a supplier of an extensive range of sturdy, long lasting steel bollards and safety bollards for use in commercial and industrial applications where protection from injury and damage to property, in addition to restriction on the movement of traffic is needed.

Warehouse bollards are always a worthwhile investment when placed in the way of anything that would be unable to withstand the impact of a collision with an out of control vehicle. They are non-corrosive, scratch and water resistant and UV stabilised for minimal maintenance. In addition, they also stand up to adverse weather conditions, so can be used indoors and outdoors.

To ensure the warehouse bollards are fit for purpose, we stock a wide range of safety bollards which come in all shapes and sizes, that can be used in a variety of situations including:

  • Car Parks
  • Shop/Building front protection
  • Property protection from vehicles internally/externally
  • Pedestrian movement control
  • Ram raid protection
  • Pedestrian protection

These galvanised steel high visibility bollards are extremely effective in offering solid protection in any environment and come at a range of prices, depending on the application. If you need to install warehouse bollards, fill out our online form or contact Armco Direct on 01530 839955 to discuss our bollards for sale for your project today.