Loading Bay Barriers

Why You Need Loading Bay Safety Barriers

Running a loading bay, be it from a warehouse, distribution centre, storage facility, industrial estate or any other environment is a masterclass in logistics! The amount of care and consideration required to keep a loading bay running safely, efficiently and effectively all day, every day can be a huge burden for site managers.

Some of the many factors that go into loading bay management include efficiency, accuracy and, in particular, safety – this is where loading bay barriers come in. Armco barriers are an excellent choice for loading bay solutions, as they offer a wide range of benefits to help keep loading bay equipment and personnel safe and secure.

The Advantages of Loading Bay Barriers

Creating Safe Zones for Pedestrians

One of the most important jobs of barriers of any kind – including Armco barriers – is to protect pedestrians. Loading bay and warehouse environments are shared equally by loading dock workers and drivers of large vehicles, which can be an exceptionally risky environment.

The physical barrier that Armco barriers create can help prevent injuries from vehicles in many different ways by creating clear-cut paths for both pedestrians and vehicles in busy loading docks.

Armco barriers can help to lay out specific bays for delivery, ensure safe access for loading, encourage drivers into the correct position for loading and protect the extensive range of vehicles used in a loading bay from damage.

All of this can help to ensure that warehouse facilities are following the appropriate measures for both driver and pedestrian safety.

How Armco Barriers Are Made
The Advantages of Loading Bay Barriers

Protecting Loading Bay Docks, Doorways, and Service Yards

Some of the equipment for loading bays is designed for very specific use cases, and is therefore quite valuable! Industrial doors and top-of-the-range dock levellers may seem like simple pieces of technology, but they are actually quite complex and need to be properly looked after. A range of loading bay equipment, including docks, dock pads, and doorways need a protective barrier to ensure that vehicles are moving safely around your service yard, and there is minimal risk of damage to your investments.

Armco barriers are a cost-effective type of warehouse barrier that can be used to ensure safe movement around loading platforms and so help to prevent damage during loading. They have a simplistic structure so are easy to assemble and can be customised to the shapes and sizes you need, making it easy to protect your equipment.

By marking out the edges of loading bays, as well as the edges of the service yard, any specific pedestrian areas and around buildings, or other physical assets with Armco barriers, you can make sure that all of your service yard is safe and in the event of an accident or collision, any damage is minimised.

The Advantages of Loading Bay Barriers

Improving Visibility

Adding barriers to your service yard can create a safer environment for all users with increased visibility of different hazards. Pedestrian areas can be more clearly marked out, as can hazardous drops and areas that might otherwise cause collisions. Traffic segregation is improved and natural stopping points for vehicles are emphasised. All of our barriers are also available in RAL 1007 yellow, further increasing visibility in your loading bays and service yards.

The Advantages of Loading Bay Barriers

Improving Electrical Safety

Modern loading bays have a huge number of large, expensive and potentially dangerous electrical components. By carefully marking the position of loading areas, loading area controls, and pedestrian-specific areas, you can ensure that none of these components are at risk for a vehicle collision.

The Armco barriers will stop vehicles in your loading bays from going off-course, while also reducing the severity of potential collisions for drivers, due to their crumple-friendly design. This means that in the event of a collision, the barrier will crumple rather than staying rigid, which reduces the impact of a crash on drivers. However, Armco barriers are still strong enough to stop even large vehicles and prevent damage to the buildings and electrical components found in loading bays.

double height armco crash barrier
The Advantages of Loading Bay Barriers

Why Choose Armco Barriers for your Loading Bay?

Armco barriers are a great choice of barrier for loading docks and service yards. By providing effective solutions to protect loading bay & warehouse environments, you can ensure the longevity of your equipment and keep your staff and visitors safe.

Armco barriers are perfect for loading bays for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Their customizability – Armco barrier systems can be made to any length and shape due to their unique interlocking mechanisms.
  • Their strength – All of our Armco barriers and barrier components are made with BS EN 1461 galvanised steel.
  • Their flexibility – While being strong, Armco barriers are also designed to be flexible and to “crumple” in the event of a collision, improving safety for drivers. Their modular system also means that only small sections of the barrier need to be replaced after a collision, rather than the full barrier system.
  • Their longevity – Our Armco barriers are built using using 100% recycled, galvanised steel, and they have an 85-year life expectancy, so rarely need to be replaced.
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Working with Armco Direct

At Armco Direct, we’re passionate about providing a quality service and quality products. Whether you’re unsure of what you need to get for your Armco barriers, or have done it before, our team are on hand to help. When you first contact us through our helpful barrier calculator tool or on our website, one of our friendly team will pick up your request almost straight away and get you a free quote within just a few hours of receiving your initial requirements.

We understand you might want to shop around or need a bit more time to make your decision, which is why we offer a 30-day guarantee for your first quote – if your needs haven’t changed you’ll always get the same quote from us, up to a month from your first enquiry.

We know you depend on us to deliver your products on time so that your project can be completed as scheduled. For this reason, we offer a 48-day delivery guarantee for all of England and Wales. 

To find out more or to get started with your loading bay barrier project, fill out our online calculator or get in touch with our team – we’re always happy to help you!