Pedestrian Safety Barriers

How Armco Barriers Are Made

Pedestrian safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance. As an employer, the safety of your employees and those passing the premises should be at the forefront of your business.

 This is where we at Armco Direct can help. We have everything you need to create the safety barriers you need in place to help protect your workforce and visitors. View our pedestrian guardrails.

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What is a pedestrian safety barrier?

A pedestrian safety barrier is a safety barrier that is installed to protect pedestrians from danger – most commonly, from the impact of moving vehicles.

These barriers can handle varying degrees of force depending on their spec. If you are a business operating out of a construction site, for example, these barriers are something you would need to have in place in order to pass health and safety checks.


What makes a good pedestrian safety barrier?

A pedestrian safety barrier provides a visual aid and is used to reduce the risk of vehicle impact posed to a worker or passer-by who may be at risk of injury. A good safety barrier creates a safe zone and prevents impending accidents.

At Armco Direct, we provide a fantastic range of safety barriers to suit all sorts of sites. Companies such as Amazon and Land Rover trust in our brand and products to make sure their workers are kept safe.

double height armco crash barrier
Pavement Barriers

There are a wide range of different safety barriers that can be put in place in order to protect pedestrians. One of which is the pavement barrier. A pavement barrier is an Armco barrier made using heavy-duty galvanised steel.

You usually find these barriers in places such as car parks, but they are also installed in warehouses, construction sites and loading bays. The pavement barriers create a pathway indicating to people where they can and cannot walk.

Pavement Barrier
Workplace Safety Barriers

One of the main causes of injuries within the workplace, especially on a high-traffic building site, comes from collisions with moving vehicles.

Workplace protective safety barriers have the additional benefit of establishing a one-way system and preventing large groups of people from being clustered together. This has been particularly useful in light of the pandemic. The barrier systems come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

construction worker

How Armco Direct can help

All our barriers and their additional equipment, such as the 3.2mm effective beam or the 2.4m Open Box Beam, are created using 100% galvanised steel and come with an 85-year lifetime guarantee.

If you know exactly what it is you are looking for, you can use our online Armco Barrier Calculator to get your free quote today.

Ensuring pedestrian safety is crucial for any employer. The safety of employees and those on the premises should always be at the forefront of your business. This is where we can help.

At Armco Direct, we make worrying about worksite injury a thing of the past. Our pedestrian barriers offer advanced protection to any site visitors or passersby, as well as reduce the risk of destruction to valuable equipment that may be positioned in high-risk areas.

Our barriers are made of 100% galvanised steel for enhanced durability. With an 85-year life expectancy, you can rest assured Armco steel is built to last.

Choose Armco Direct crash barriers for all off-highway applications.

Sites and uses for pedestrian safety barriers

As you’d expect, barriers are required across many worksites and industries. Essential for pedestrian safety and ease of productivity, a well-positioned beam could ultimately be the difference between life and death.

Accidents happen. Vehicular collisions have major consequences. As such, it is absolutely crucial, as an employer, that you run the required health and safety checks to ensure you have the correct pedestrian safety barriers installed.

Buildings & Storage Barriers

Car parks

There is a wide range of different flexible barriers that offer adequate protection to pedestrians, one of which is the pavement barrier. The Armco pavement barriers are made using heavy-duty galvanised steel and are essential for car parks and loading bays.
These barriers create a safe environment for pedestrians and are especially useful for disabled people. The pavement barriers create a pathway, which indicates to people where they can and cannot walk on their way around your premises.


Pavement barriers are cost-effective protection solutions in places like warehouses, too, if not only to act as protection from chips and corrosion damage.
Where there is often a difference in level it can be hard to ensure safe management particularly. These barriers can aid in traffic management of vehicles but also as a crowd management tool – which has been especially useful within domestic buildings and in building entrances during the pandemic.

Industrial/service yards

Some of the equipment for loading bays is designed for very specific cases and can be quite valuable. Industrial doors may seem like simple pieces of technology, but they are actually quite complex and need to be properly looked after. A range of loading bay equipment, including docks, dock pads, and doorways, need a protective barrier to ensure that vehicles are moving safely around your service yard. 

Armco barriers are cost effective and can be used to ensure safe movement around loading platforms, as well as help to protect assets from damage during loading on a ground level or a higher finished floor level

Petrol stations

Safety barriers boost awareness of surroundings. Areas like petrol stations should feature safety warnings near exits to buildings and corners of buildings. Having barriers in place keeps the potentially dangerous areas clearly visible to staff and visitors when they are walking around, reducing the risk of aesthetic damage or accidents happening and your company potentially being found liable. 

Barrier systems can be used for more than just safety protection. They can be used as a way to direct traffic and ease confusion where there are high concentration levels of cars or people. 

Areas with a more orderly traffic system can operate far more smoothly. You can also use these barriers to create a one-way walking system if you feel the need to! We have a wide range of different fixing and bollards that can help you to achieve this. 

Visit our online barrier calculator if you want to find out more.

Construction sites

Modern loading bays and construction sites have a huge number of expensive and possibly dangerous electrical components. By carefully marking the areas of these locations, you can create some damage resistance. 

The Armco barriers will stop vehicles in your loading bays from going off course while also reducing the severity of potential collisions for drivers, due to their crumple-friendly product design. This means that this enhanced product will crumple rather than stay rigid in the event of a collision, reducing the impact of a crash on drivers. 

Health and safety regulations for pedestrian safety barriers

No matter which type of building you’re in or what kind of damage prevention industry, all buildings – including storage facilities and industrial plants – need to pass specific health and safety checks.
At Armco Direct, we make sure all of our products meet the recommended health and safety requirements before you receive them. This is so that you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality products and the most durable options that are fit to boost the safety element of your worksite.

Armco Direct’s level of service

All of our barriers are created using 100% recyclable steel and come with an 85-year lifetime guarantee. 

Our products are manufactured from solid steel and galvanised to BS EN 1461. This makes compliance with BS 6180 Barriers in and around buildings easily attainable to the installer. Armco Direct has been established for well over a decade and has delivered Armco barriers to thousands of satisfied clients. Our goal is to ensure that we continue to supply high-quality products and offer outstanding service. 

We know how important it is for you to keep to your deadlines, so we promise to supply you with a free quote without delay. We guarantee that we will have your quote sent to you within 2 hours of receiving your request. What’s more, you can work out exactly how many parts you need in minutes using our online calculator! To find out more, get in touch with our team today. 

Stop worrying about the risk of injury to pedestrians and damage to valuable assets. Choose Armco Direct crash barriers for all off-highway applications.

Keep vehicles contained in safe operating areas throughout your premises, ensure that employees’ and visitors’ health and safety is at the forefront of your operations, and take a look at our wide range of robust barrier solutions to protect your investments today.

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The Armco promise

As we know how important it is for you to keep to your deadlines, we promise to supply you with a free quote without delay. In fact, we will have your quote sent to you within 2 hours of receiving your request.

We deliver nationwide, and for those placing an order in England and Wales, your order will be delivered to you within 48 hours. We have worked with large companies such as Jaguar, Caterpillar and Toyota, so you know we are a safety barrier supplier you can trust.

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