Pavement Barrier – How To Protect Pedestrians

Pavement Barrier

A pavement barrier is a vital consideration for anyone looking to ensure the safety of their workforce or pedestrians who come in close proximity to moving vehicles.

One of the most important uses for an Armco Barrier is to protect people from harm and this type of solid pavement barrier will comfortably do this, by standing in the way of any vehicles which go out of control. 

There are several circumstances where a pavement barrier is especially useful – a public car park being a perfect example. Cars move around in often darkened and confined environments while people walk to and from their cars. A pavement barrier will not only mark where those pedestrians can and can’t walk, but it will also stop vehicles from moving into those pedestrianised areas, causing injury, or worse.

Another example of a pavement barrier is to protect pedestrians walking near to roads. They can also be installed in warehouses and loading bays as a major safety precaution in a space where forklifts or heavy goods vehicles move around regularly.  

One of the most famous uses of an Armco Barrier for pedestrian protection has been to protect the crowds on the side of motor racing tracks. So much so, that racing icon, Jackie Stewart, famously claimed that they had saved countless lives of both drivers and spectators over the years. 

Pavement barriers in action 

Made from super tough galvanised steel, pavement barriers are specially designed to withstand impacts from moving vehicles of all sizes. This means that, even when a vehicle does go dangerously out of control, it won’t get past the Armco Barrier to cause any damage. While protecting pedestrians isn’t the only reason to have Armco Barriers installed (these metal barriers can also be used to protect buildings, machinery, equipment, stock etc), it is arguably one of the most worthwhile reasons to get it done.

Armco Barriers are also very versatile. They come in a variety of lengths and heights to suit the nature of their purpose and can be powder coated to act as a highly visible deterrent and prevent collisions from occurring in the first place. 

When used as a pavement barrier, they are also available with added extras for additional safety. These can include handrails and Armco Barrier ends which cover the ends of the barrier, making them less likely to cause injury if a person were to come into contact with it.

A variety of uses for the pavement barrier

With the main purpose being to protect pedestrians, there are a whole host of places which will benefit from the installation of a pavement barrier. These can include the following: 

  • Car Parks 
  • Hospitals 
  • Warehouses 
  • Loading Bays 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Private Roads 
  • Pedestrianised Areas 
  • Agricultural Land
  • Sports Tracks

So, whatever the reason to protect pedestrians, you can be sure that there is an Armco pavement barrier solution to suit. 

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