Traffic Segregation Barriers


Traffic barriers help to protect employees and the public that are using the pedestrian walkways on the sides of private roads. They can also be installed on worksites to optimise the safety of the premises.

 At Armco Direct, we have a wide range of products from crash barrier beams to safety bollards to suit your specific requirements.

What are traffic barriers?

Traffic barriers are the galvanised steel beams you often find in places such as warehouses and car parks. They are there not only to protect workers from getting injured but to make sure your machinery and equipment are not put at risk in the event of a vehicle collision.

The barriers themselves are tough and, thanks to their yellow powder coating, can be highly visible in darker areas.

They can be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs. For instance, traffic barriers can also be used as a way to prevent crimes from taking place.


The beams you need for your traffic barrier

There are many pieces that makeup traffic barriers. From parking barriers, you find at car parks to pedestrian barriers.

Luckily, we at Armco Direct are a one-stop-shop, so you don’t have to look too far to find all the pieces you need for your barrier system.

Here are some of the barrier equipment items we stock.

importance of car park crash barriers
3.2m Effective Beam

A major component of any barrier system is a crash barrier beam. Crash barrier beams are used as a way to increase safety measures as they are designed to better control vehicle collisions.

The 3.2m Effective Beam is a great option as it works in a variety of environments.

It is made from strong material using 100% recyclable galvanised steel, which makes it a long-lasting solution. The 3.2m Effective Beam comes in a few sizes, so you can adapt it to suit your specific requirements.

3.2m Effective Beam 3.0mm Thick
3.2m Effective Convex/Concave Beam

Not all traffic barriers are straight. In fact, in some cases, there will be instances where the barrier will need to be arched. This is where the 3.2 Effective Convex/Concave Beam comes into play. Unlike regular beams, they provide additional protection in curved areas. Being made out of the same galvanised steel as our other products, these beams are guaranteed to be robust, strong and of the highest quality.

When requesting a quote using our online safety barrier calculator, make sure you have the correct radius and specifications to hand. This will allow us to make sure the barrier meets your precise needs. To find out more about determining the correct dimensions or should you have any questions, our experts will be happy to assist. Call us on 01530 839 955. Alternatively, email us at and one of our team will get back to you.

3.2m Effective Convex:Concave Beam 3.0mm Thick
3.2m Effective Beam Yellow RAL 1007

The 3.2m Yellow RAL 1007 beam is another excellent option. Made from 100% recyclable galvanised steel, it has a yellow powder coating, which makes the beam significantly more visible. This is perfect for low-lit warehouses and car parks. The additional coating also makes it ideal for outdoor barrier systems as it will withstand the harsh British weather conditions.

1.1m high Bolt down Armco Barrier - Galvanised Posts at 1.6m cc and RAL 1007 yellow beams 1
2.4m Open Box Beam 5mm thick

If you are looking for something much stronger and more effective than your traditional Armco barriers, look no further than the 2.4m Open Box Beam. It is 5mm thick and, because of their shape, they are extra durable and compatible with dig in and bolt-down posts.

Introduction To The Box Beam

Why trust Armco Direct with your barriers?

At Armco Direct, we only use BS EN 1461 grade galvanised steel. This is to ensure the steel we use is regulated and of high quality. All our products come with an 85-year life expectancy, which means they stand the test of time. We have a 48-hour delivery pledge on orders across England and Wales, so you can make all your project deadlines in time.

Having been trusted by prestigious companies across the UK, we come recommended as a go-to for your barrier system needs. We do all the hard work, including making sure our products hit the recommended health and safety guidelines so you can go about your planning and setting up the structure without an ounce of worry.

If you’re wanting to install a traffic barrier that will stand the test of time, fill out our online calculator and get your free quote today.