Galvanised Armco Barriers

Armco Barrier Setup In Car Parking

When you invest in crash barrier protection, you’re going to want to know that the equipment you’ve invested in will provide excellent levels of safety and do the job it’s intended for, for many years to come.

This is why, at Armco Direct, we value the importance of using galvanised Armco barriers to ensure that the products we provide stay fit for purpose for a long time after they’re installed, while guaranteeing minimal risk of damage from the elements.

What is Galvanisation?

As well as being made from the toughest 100% recyclable steel, to further reduce the risk of injury and damage to people, buildings and other significant areas that need protection, our Armco crash barriers are galvanised to BS EN 1461. This is the set British standard for galvanisation and the mark of quality for the treatment of iron and steel.

And if you’re wondering exactly what is galvanisation, then, in short, it’s the process of dipping fabricated iron and steel products in a bath of molten zinc, to form an added coating that will offer even greater protection against harsh environments and external factors such as rust and corrosion.

The benefits of galvanised Armco barriers

It’s because of the added protection against corrosion that hot dip galvanising can give, that anyone looking for Armco crash barriers should ensure that the products they buy have been through this process. And the benefits of the protection that comes from using galvanised Armco barriers are many:

  • Longer life for your crash barriers.
  • Hardest possible coating for added crash protection.
  • A lower cost option of coating – a saving which can be passed on to customers.
  • An environmentally friendly way to prevent corrosion, due to the minimal waste it creates and the recyclable nature of galvanised products.
  • Surface is easy to keep clean.
  • Low maintenance.

Contact Armco to order directly

At Armco Direct, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading suppliers of crash barrier products in the UK. Our vast range of equipment is so extensive and versatile, that we can find an innovative crash barrier solution for pretty much every purpose. This includes a whole variety of choices for the customer, from different heights and shapes to customisation for a unique purpose and the ways in which the barriers can be fixed into the ground. Further more we now deliver our Armco crash barriers to Ireland!

Contact our team of experts today to discuss your specific requirements and as one of Britain’s premium suppliers of crash barrier solutions for the last ten years, we would be delighted to help.