Crash Bollards 

Crash Bollards

You may have seen crash bollards dotted around in the past, but did you know just how effective they can be? 

A crash bollard is a sturdy galvanised steel post which is designed to take the impact from any moving vehicle that would otherwise end up being somewhere where it shouldn’t, potentially causing costly damage in the process. 

Crash bollards are used in all types of conditions and scenarios, both indoors and outdoors, as the galvanisation process means that they are able to withstand all environments and have a long lifespan that can be as much as 85 years. 

From the moment they’re installed, crash bollards will offer rock solid protection against collisions and they typically come in two types – dig in and bolt down

A dig-in crash bollard is able to handle a high level of impact and is dug firmly into the ground. However, a bolt down bollard can be just as effective in certain cases and they are easier to install because they are bolted into the ground.

Where it’s not possible to dig crash bollards into the ground, for example in a factory or warehouse, bolt down bollards can be used to protect shelving, stock and machinery, or to act as physical protection for the workforce and even become a visual deterrent, as they can be coated in high visibility paint.  

Instant protection from damage 

It’s common knowledge that any type of moving vehicle, from a forklift to an HGV can cause considerable damage when it goes out of control, even when moving at slow speeds. 

Crash bollards can be installed relatively quickly and, when used effectively, can protect anything from being bumped which can lead to costly damage or severe injury. 

Examples of where you might see crash bollards being used could be in car parks to prevent vehicles from hitting each other, colliding with walls and columns, or worse, hitting pedestrians who are moving among the cars. They can be used in pedestrianised areas to prevent vehicle access, or outside of shops to stop criminal activity, such as ram raiding, from occurring. 

Crash barriers can also work to not only prevent damage which is caused by accident, but also that which might otherwise be done on purpose, to cause harm. 

Available in a range of sizes

Armco Direct crash bollards come readily available in a variety of standard sizes which include the following: 

  • 114mm 
  • 139mm 
  • 168mm
  • 193mm  

Customers can also benefit from bespoke bolt down crash bollards of any diameter, height or finish for projects, where required. You can calculate your requirements using our handy online Armco Barrier calculator to give you an idea of the products you require within seconds. 

Remember, accident prevention is often preferable to damage control. That’s why our crash bollards can also come as a powder-coated yellow RAL 1007 option for higher visibility and if needed a reflective chevron band can be added to make them stand out more, especially in darker conditions.

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