Choosing Your Barrier Posts

Boltdown Z Barrier Post Product Photo

Barrier posts are perfect for use in a whole manner of situations, in order to prevent out of control vehicles from straying into areas where they shouldn’t and causing devastating damage and loss. 

When it comes to dig-in steel barrier posts, at Armco Direct we have an excellent range of crash protection products for you to choose from and these can be delivered to your site within 48 hours or less, wherever in the UK you are based. 

When choosing your barrier posts, it’s important to firstly get the ones which are right for your business’ needs. This will ensure solid and reliable protection for many years to come, because the right barrier post solution in one situation, may well be different in another. 

What are barrier posts? 

Barrier posts, like pedestrian bollards, can be a temporary or permanent solution for preventing access to an area and at Armco Direct we offer the permanent variety. They can be made from high-quality solid steel and are available as:

  • Bolt down posts
  • Dig in posts
  • Bolt down shock-absorbing posts
  • Bolt down spring steel posts
  • Dig in posts with handrail extension
  • Steel bollards

Our RSJ and mild steel barrier posts are galvanised to BSEN1461 standard, which ensures they won’t be affected by adverse weather conditions which might lead them to rust and corrode, when erected in outdoor areas. They can be installed quickly and easily and are also available powder coated to give a high visibility effect, where required. 

The barrier posts can be bolted or dug into the ground, depending on where they are being installed and they come in a wide range of sizes including different thicknesses. Also, they can be customised to ensure aesthetic appeal or to include extra additions, such as a handrail.

Where are barrier posts used?

Barriers posts make an effective safety solution in the following ways: 

  • Prevent ram-raiding in shops 
  • Prevent acts of terrorism in pedestrianised areas
  • Safeguard shelves and racking in warehouses
  • Mark out areas in a car park where vehicles are allowed to go 
  • Prevent access to a construction site or vacant land
  • Deny entry to pedestrians by acting as a visible deterrent
  • To protect buildings from damage caused by an impact 

It’s important, when choosing the right barrier posts for your application, that you take into account factors such as, how often might a collision occur? Is the barrier post there to act more as a visual deterrent? What kind of vehicle is the barrier post likely to come into contact with, and what kinds of speed will those vehicles be moving at? 

This will help determine the type of barrier post that you need.

Armco barrier posts that get the job done

At Armco Direct, our range of barrier posts offer solid steel protection and come with an 85-year guarantee. That means the reassurance that nothing is getting through them for a long while to come. 

To work out exactly what you need, why not try out our Free Online Armco Barrier Calculator and get the exact list of products that you need for your project in seconds?

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