The Usefulness Of Bolt Down Bollards

the usefulness of bolt down bollards

If you’re looking to protect a particular area from impact then you wouldn’t go far wrong with investing in several sturdy bolt down bollards.

Whether it’s to protect from criminal acts, such as ram-raiding and criminal damage, to safeguard expensive equipment and pedestrians from the impact caused by a wayward vehicle, or even to ward off acts of terrorism, there are many situations where safety bollards are used.

The last thing that you want is to have expensive property damaged or someone injured by a careless accident or worse.

What Are Bolt Down Bollards?

Bollards typically come in two types, dig in and bolt down. A dig in bollard is able to handle a higher level of impact as it, as the name suggests, is dug into the ground. However, a bolt down bollard is still an excellent way to protect certain areas but is easier to install as they are bolted into the ground.

Bolt down bollards are often used within factories and warehouses to protect shelving or to act as physical and visual guides. They can be installed relatively quickly and used effectively can protect equipment, wall edges, and inventory from being bumped up against by vehicles such as forklifts or cleaner vehicles that stray slightly off course, by catching and diverting the vehicle back to safety.

They not only act as a barrier to protect the property but are also very useful for preventing injury, especially when in the form of pedestrian bollards.

Why Choose Armco?

Our safety bollards are also finished in the best possible way to withstand whatever conditions are thrown at them and ensure their effectiveness is never compromised.

We offer steel bolt down bollards that can either be galvanised or galvanised and powder coated.

Clients can rest assured that, with a reputation as one of the very best, when it comes to crash barrier protection and the safety they provide, we are well equipped to serve your asset management needs with innovative crash barrier protection solutions.

Our bollards are available in a variety of sizes as well, such as 114m, 139m and 168mm. They can also come as a powder-coated yellow RAL 1007 option and if needed there is the option for a reflective chevron band to be added to make them stand out more, especially in darker conditions.

On request, we can also provide bespoke bolt down bollards of any diameter, height or finish for projects which require it.

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If you’d like to have solid protection for your employees, members of the public, expensive property or equipment, by having quality bolt down bollards then get in touch to arrange for a free quote or fill out the form with a few details to have us call you back at your convenience.

After that, for added peace of mind, get the reassurance that comes with investing in one of our extensive range of bolt down bollards.