Why Do You Need Pedestrian Bollards?

Armco Safety Bollards

Pedestrian bollards come in all shapes and sizes. Yet their purpose remains the same. To prevent out of control vehicles, or vehicles used for criminal intent, from going into places where they shouldn’t and causing damage. It’s pedestrian posts such as these which prevent injury, reduce crime and protect lives, therefore the importance of the role they play is vast.

In recent years, terrorist attacks, where heavy vehicles have been driven at speed to plough into packed pedestrianised areas, have sickened the world. Following such events, solid steel pedestrian bollards have been set up where vehicles come in close proximity to pedestrians, in order to make accidental collision and further attacks impossible.

Pedestrian bollards can be temporary or permanent, at Armco Direct we offer the permanent variety, depending on what they’re needed for and can include the following types:

  • Cast iron bollards
  • Steel bollards
  • Stainless steel bollards
  • Removable bollards
  • Timber bollards
  • Concrete and granite bollards

Where are pedestrian bollards used?

Pedestrian bollards are very often seen in town and city centres, used to line pavements, close off pedestrianised shopping areas to vehicles and sit outside shop fronts to prevent ram raiding.

They might be used in warehouses to prevent injury and damage to stock and equipment, car parks to clearly mark out where vehicles can and can’t go, or placed in the entrance to a bus or train station, to allow only for pedestrian access.

Whilst we only offer permanent bollards at Armco Direct, there are other types of pedestrian bollards on the market, such as ones that are used to create temporary exclusion zones where streets or areas need to be cordoned off for certain events or during specific hours of the day.

These types of pedestrian posts can be static (but removable), or automatic, in that they can be dropped, where necessary, at given times, or to provide emergency vehicle access, for example. Retractable bollards are the most versatile type of pedestrian bollard and are especially useful for when access to a certain area can’t be permanently restricted. For instance, you might want to enable access to a pedestrianised area for deliveries or reserve a car parking space for only a certain period of time.

The more permanent static pedestrian bollards (Which we offer) can be cast or bolted into the ground. They come in a wide range of sizes including different thicknesses and colours. Also, they can be customised to ensure aesthetic appeal or to include extra additions, such as chain hooks.

Our pedestrian bollards

At Armco Direct we have a range of permanent safety bollards available in sizes 114m, 139m and 168mm. The bollards have a 5mm wall thickness and are available for both dig in and bolt down installation with a height of 1.0m above ground.

If you would like to find out more about our different types of pedestrian bollards, contact us today and speak to a highly experienced member of the Armco Direct team to discuss your specific needs.