Armco Barrier End Sections


Armco barrier support is vital in a number of scenarios where maximum protection is needed for pedestrians, buildings, equipment, stock and expensive machinery.

Often they can be set up in warehouses, car parks, shop fronts, construction sites and to mark out pedestrianised areas. This is in order to prevent the risk of catastrophic damage that impact from an out of control vehicle, such as a forklift, or car, can cause.

Where Armco barrier protection is installed, it’s not only the barriers themselves which must be manufactured to the highest quality, but the accessories which come with them, such as Armco Barrier end sections, must be super strong and available to withstand impact too.

Where Armco Barrier end sections might be used

On a highway you might be able to travel long distances before you see an end section to the barriers at the side of the road. This is because barriers at the side of many public roads are designed to knock down easily, stopping the high speed vehicle in its tracks, but causing minimal damage to the vehicle itself.

However, when the Armco barriers are protecting something valuable on the other side of it, such as a pedestrian area, equipment, or warehouse racking, it’s vital that these barriers are completely solid and do not move when struck.

In addition, the moving vehicle in these cases is likely to be travelling relatively slowly, so there are chances of less damage when the impact occurs with an immovable Armco Barrier.

In these situations, where Armco Barriers might turn corners, go around doorways and entrances, then you’ll find Armco Barrier end sections, such as Pedestrian Ends & Fishtail Ends. These can be available powder coated in High Visibility Yellow too, to absolutely ensure they’re seen (and avoided).

What are Pedestrian Ends and Fishtail Ends?

With regard to our wide range of Armco Barrier accessories, these include the following:

  • Fish Tail End
  • Pedestrian End
  • External Corner
  • Internal Corner
  • Flexible Corner
  • Galvanised Offset Bracket
  • Galvanised Steel Handrail

Pedestrian Ends and Fishtail Ends are some of the most commonly used end terminals. While the pedestrian end is designed to have no sharp edges, in areas where there might be passers by, for example, a doorway or other entrance, the fishtail end, which is sometimes referred to as Terminal Type A, is the cheapest and most commonly used, particularly in areas where there is lots of vehicular activity.

Discover our large stock of accessories

At Armco Direct, we have a range of posts, barriers and accessories which come in all shapes and sizes to suit the variety of situations in which they might be used.

Our products, which are made from 100% recyclable steel, are suitable for barrier protection in all types of industrial scenarios.

Protect your building from harm and keep your business and employees safe using a certified BS EN 1461 barrier and accessories from Armco Direct. We can offer delivery within 48 hours or less, which means protection as soon as you need it.

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