Armco Barriers for Warehouses

Close up of Warehouse Barrier Protection

Armco Barriers for warehouses can provide a highly effective way to ensure that stock, walls, pedestrians and other important things are kept safe. Without such protection in place, a warehouse can be left open to disasters such as collisions with stock or even serious personal injury.

It’s important that in such a potentially hazardous environment that workers are aware of safety, but also, should human error occur, that a warehouse has been designed with measures in place to help cope with it.

Use Armco to protect racking and stock

Often in a busy warehouse, especially when the stock is nearing maximum capacity and stacked high, it needs to be protected from any impact from moving vehicles such as forklifts and trucks which still have to go about their daily tasks. While these sort of heavy vehicles should traditionally be moving slowly, an impact without the relevant protection in place could cause costly and sometimes dangerous levels of damage.

When you use Armco to protect racking and stock, you know that it’s going to be hardwearing and durable, so that if an impact occurs then it will be tough enough to withstand it and in doing so protect whatever is behind it. Armco barriers are also often painted in highly visible colours to give the chance of them being seen and avoided even before the impact.

Any drivers in a warehouse would normally be highly trained and qualified to identify these kind of hazards and know how to avoid them, but should an accident happen, it’s reassuring to know that an Armco barrier is in place.

Use to protect staff from injury in warehouses

As well as being designed to withstand a heavy impact and prevent something else from taking the blow, Armco barriers can also give an indicator of where pedestrians are safe to walk in a warehouse and which areas are mainly used by moving vehicles. With an Armco barrier between the two, it can ensure that people can clearly see where they should and shouldn’t be. And, should a forklift go astray, for instance, it’s likely to be stopped in its tracks by the barrier and avoid injury to any pedestrians walking past at the time. When planning warehouse design, suitable warehouse barriers and other safety measures will always be taken into consideration to not only lower the risk of repair costs, but to reduce injury too.

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Enquire about Armco barriers today

Warehouses can be incredibly dangerous environments without the correct safety measures in place. It’s because we put the safety of our customers first that we can offer peace of mind with the durable and hardwearing nature of our Armco barriers.

Whether it’s as a dividing marker between pedestrians and vehicles, or it has been designed to prevent collisions with stationary objects such as walls and shelving, the barriers can stand alone or be mounted on walls at the sort of height where an impact would normally occur. If you would like to find out more about Armco barriers for your warehouse, give us a call today.