Barrier Protection for Buildings

Armco Barrier Prices

Protecting the things which matter the most has been important to industry for decades – and as such, effective barrier protection for buildings has always been necessary.

Whether it’s to keep valuable equipment safe, mark boundaries, protect people or livestock, or to prevent damage to buildings and machinery, installing solid concrete or galvanised steel barrier protection is an excellent way to offer peace of mind and total security when and where it’s required.

How Armco Barriers Can Help Protect Buildings

Armco barriers are often hailed as the ideal building protector because they keep away the catastrophic damage which can be caused to a building by sudden impact from something such as an out of control vehicle, like a forklift, car, truck or lorry. And it’s all thanks to their solid and sturdy nature.

Armco Barrier protection for buildings is regularly used in a range of industries – from warehousing, construction, loading bays and car parks, to agricultural industries and to protect retail outfits and other buildings from ram raids.

And it’s nothing to sniff at. When a heavy vehicle collides with a building, the following issues can occur:

  • Expensive damage to building/vehicle
  • Liability and prosecution
  • Insurance claims
  • Injury and loss of life

Not the kind of outcome anyone wants. And there’s no reason why building protection should be unappealing to the eye. Barriers can become part of the overall effect of the building itself and never need to stand out like a sore thumb – often being factored into the plans regarding landscaping and construction.

Galvanised steel barriers used as building protection can ensure segregation of traffic through the marcation of vehicle exclusion zones around the building, for example. Even when the heavy duty vehicle isn’t out of control, but being used repeatedly to force entry for criminal purposes, the building will still remain secure, with barrier protection in place.

Using steel barrier protection for buildings is also cost effective, simple to install and easy to maintain. Their hardwearing nature – being made of galvanised steel –  also means that, unlike electronic barriers, they come with a long life span which can withstand all types of weather conditions.

At Armco Direct, we offer a wide range of standard and custom built solutions which come at a range of prices and sizes to protect your investments. They also carry an 85 year lifetime guarantee.

We have four different heights of barrier available:

  • 560mm high – these are used internally, in buildings such as warehouses, to protect from forklifts and vehicles with low ground clearance.
  • 610mm high – the industry standard height beam, which can be used in places such as car parks to protect against SUVs and other vehicles.
  • 760mm high – the next height in our range can be used to protect against impact from HGVs, in places such as lorry yards and other areas where there are big vehicles.
  • 1100 high – Again designed to resist impact from HGVs, these can be used to protect fuel tanks, water tanks on building sites and offer extra protection as double barriers.

Our products, which are made from 100% recyclable steel, are suitable for the barrier protection of all types of buildings.

Protect your building from harm and keep your business and employees safe using a certified BS EN 1461 Barrier from Armco Direct. We can offer delivery within 48 hours or less, which means protection as soon as you need it.

Contact the UK’s premium supplier of Armco crash barriers on 01530 839 955 for a fast FREE quote, use our online calculator to quickly and conveniently work out how many Armco Direct posts, beams, bolts and accessories you need for the job, or get in touch via our online form.