Why choose used Armco barriers

Armco Crash Barrier Full Product Photo

We know about the massively important role that Armco barriers can play in ensuring the safety of equipment and people.

By having one of these galvanised steel crash barriers in place it can prevent out of control heavy vehicles from colliding with buildings, expensive and precious items or, most importantly, pedestrians.

These days, understandably people have budget restrictions and will look to save money. This is why they might choose used Armco barriers, however, before taking this route, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration first.

When you’re looking to install an Armco barrier, chances are it’s for important reasons, so read on to discover the things you should be checking for beforehand.

Used barriers often similar in price!

There’s a widely held idea that by buying something second hand you will be getting a better deal, but when it comes to Armco barriers, you might like to know that used barriers are often similar in price.

And if this is the case then why not go for something that has never had an impact or stood through long periods of time and poor weather conditions before? This way you will be sure of the quality and safety of your Armco barrier before you put it in place.

Used Armco barriers checklist

If you have decided that a used barrier is the way forward for your needs, however, there are some things which you should find out about the product you’re buying first.

  • Are you buying outdated stock?
  • Could it be damaged or defective stock that’s the wrong size?
  • The galvanising could be failing, how can you know for sure?
  • What was the used barrier originally used for?
  • If you have no knowledge of impacts to the barrier in the past, how can you be certain you’re not compromising on safety?

It usually pays to give a thorough visual inspection of any used or second hand barriers. They can quite often be battered old stock, or second hand from say a replacement programme.

Before you buy any Armco barrier it’s important to make sure they are suitable and good enough for your application that you need them for.

Enquire about new barriers today

Now that you’ve discovered what you need to look for in a used Armco barrier and that the prices of new and used barriers are often the same, why not speak to us to discuss your options. Enquire about new barriers today by either filling out our online form or giving us a call on 01530 839 955.