Effective Ways To Use Concrete Barriers

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers provide solid, immediate and immoveable protection in a whole manner of scenarios. They are hugely popular and widely used because anyone who needs them to protect an area, or prevent access to it, can be sure that nothing is getting through their solid frame.

From commercial premises, to construction sites, concrete barriers can be spotted all over the place, offering strength and security wherever they are installed.

Advantages Of Using Concrete Barriers

So, what are the advantages of using concrete barriers and where are they used? Normally installed for safety purposes, you might find concrete barriers used in the following ten places, for example:

  • Car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • For flood defences
  • To separate pedestrians and road traffic
  • Forecourts
  • Secure barriers at major events
  • Outside shops
  • Farm land
  • Vacant pieces of land (to prevent unauthorised use)

Preventing access

There might be many reasons why a site or premises owner doesn’t want trespassers on their land. It could be that it’s a construction site, which has a great deal of expensive equipment there that must be protected from theft, or there are dangerous risks, such as large holes, or areas of deep water that could cause injury or fatalities.

They may be necessary on the site of a property which is no longer used, but still requires people to be kept out to prevent risk of harm and incidents of crime. In these cases, concrete barriers can save money, prevent crime and protect lives.

With regard to commercial premises and pedestrianised areas, concrete barriers also ward off the dangers of ram raiding and terrorist attacks, because no moving vehicle is getting through.

A guide for moving vehicles

In car parks where you might see concrete barriers, this is because they can be used to mark out parking bays, or to stop vehicles from going onto pedestrianised areas.

They provide structure in large, open spaces and make it completely clear who, or what, goes where.

Even when collision with them occurs, there might be signs of paint scuffs left behind from a wayward vehicle on the concrete barrier, but the structure (unlike the vehicle that collides with it), will always stand firm.

Restrict visibility

The reduction of visibility is another reason why concrete barriers might be installed. It may be to keep any construction work or premises private, or to prevent it from being a distraction to passing motorists. In addition, when there is expensive equipment around, having concrete barriers blocking the view will reduce the risk of temptation for criminals and trespassers looking to enter the site and do something they shouldn’t.

Concrete barriers come in all shapes and sizes. At Armco Direct, we stock the following:

Jersey Barrier – Double Female
Jersey Barrier – Double Male
Security Block 2000kg
Tank Trap Pyramid Block 2500kg
TVCB – Standard Unit – V28

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