Our Guide To Factory Barriers – Adapting To The New Normal

Our Guide To Factory Barriers - Adapting To The New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the vast majority of life as we know it and when it comes to the use of factory barriers, it’s no exception. 

There has been a marked increase in the requirement of factory barriers over the last year, due to a big surge in online shopping which has meant that more factories need to install them to protect their workforce, stock and shelving.

As warehouses and factories reach capacity and the movement of forklifts in and around the building is increased, so are the chances of a collision occurring and causing damage so it’s the installation of factory barriers which can prevent this from happening. 

Factory Barriers – The Lowdown

If you’re wondering what is a factory barrier, then they’re heavy duty steel barriers which come in a range of sizes and heights to provide immoveable, solid protection of stock and shelving, taking the brunt of the impact from a moving vehicle. 

Once installed, they are able to withstand a multitude of harsh conditions, come with an 85-year lifetime guarantee and can also be powder coated to make them high visibility. This means that they can act as a deterrent and stop a collision from occurring in the first place. 

At Armco Direct, our factory barriers are galvanised to BS EN 1461 standards and can be delivered to site in as little as 48 hours. They come with ETA approved floor anchors, to increase their immoveable nature, too. 

Helping Your Business

Factory barriers not only protect the workforce, stock and shelving from collision, but in these times where greater social distancing measures are needed, they can mark out the areas where the workforce can and can’t go.

Health and safety requirements within factories has increased over the last year and with that has come the need for greater segregation to provide safety for the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having barriers in place can ensure people are distanced from each other.

The installation of factory barriers can also help a business by providing pallet protection. This means, not only the protection of the pallets themselves, but also, when stacks of pallets fall it can be dangerous for people working nearby. A factory barrier in place will ensure people aren’t able to get close enough to risk injury from falling pallets.

Get A Factory Barrier Quote

In summary, factory barriers can provide protection of the following: 

  • Walls and doorways 
  • A building’s main structure
  • Factory stock 
  • Shelving 
  • Workers 
  • Stacks of pallets 
  • Supporting columns 
  • Equipment and machinery 

The installation of factory barriers could be a lot cheaper than you might think, not to mention saving you the cost associated with any damage caused, if they’re not there. Why not get a quote today and find out how the cost of factory barriers could fit into your budget? 

Use our Armco Barrier calculator

To make things easier, we have our very own online Armco Barrier Calculator which can give you a free calculation of your barrier requirements and enable you to figure out exactly what you need. 

For further information, give a member of a team a call and we’d be pleased to help talk you through the options available.