How Do You Fit An Armco Barrier?

Why are they called Armco Barriers

For many years, strong galvanised steel Armco Barriers have helped to protect people and property against the damage that can be caused by an out of control moving vehicle. 

They can be installed in warehouses and factories, car parks and construction sites, along roadsides and in pedestrianised areas, to name but a few. 

The solid protection that Armco Barriers provide means that injuries and fatalities can be avoided, while expensive equipment, stock and the overall structure of a building will be properly safeguarded. It gives real peace of mind to business owners and the workforce alike. 

However, for maximum safety to be achieved, correct Armco Barrier installation is essential. 

At Armco Direct, we have been providing steel safety barrier protection for many years and our experts are fully able to advise and guide you on the type of Armco barrier protection you need and how it should be installed. 

Installing Armco Barriers 

As we all know, the effectiveness of any safety barriers or equipment is only as good as its quality and the way it’s manufactured and installed. You wouldn’t, for example, buy items of personal protective equipment without checking the standard of it or learning the right way to put it on. In the same way, Armco Barriers which are installed incorrectly, will not offer the best levels of protection. 

There are several steps which must be carried out by the professionals to ensure your safety barriers are 100% safe and secure. So, here’s how you fit an Armco Barrier the right way:

  1. Connect together/bolt together the components.
  2. The main beams, which come with pre-drilled holes that ensure they line up precisely, will then be connected.
  3. Supporting posts need to be either concreted into or bolted down to the ground – concreting the posts into the ground is preferred.
  4. Fixing the posts is the next step, starting at one end and building the whole barrier, piece by piece.
  5. Once the main part of the barrier is installed you can then move onto installing the end posts such as barrier ends, end sleeves, post caps and corners, which can be powder coated in high-visibility yellow to ensure they’re easily seen.

There are several different types of Armco Barrier ends which you can choose from, These include the following:

  • Fish Tail End
  • Pedestrian End
  • Yellow Fish Tail End RAL1007
  • Yellow Pedestrian End RAL1007
  • Polymer Pedestrian End with Reflectors
  • Polymer Fish Tail End with Reflectors

Installation on the advice of the experts 

A major benefit of installing Armco Barrier protection is the flexibility. Here, we are not talking about the barriers themselves, which, as we know, are made from solid galvanised steel, but the fact that the amount of products and accessories you need can be tailored to your specific project, to ensure maximum protection is achieved. 

At Armco Direct we do not install Armco barriers, but our experts can discuss your Armco Barrier requirements with you, offer advice on installation and supply the materials you need, anywhere in the UK, in as little as 48-hours.

Use our Armco Barrier calculator

There’s also a super quick way to find out what you need for your project. Using our handy online Armco Barrier calculator, you can get a free calculation of your barrier requirements in only a matter of seconds.