The importance of tree protection on building sites

Tree Protection Barriers

At Armco Direct we are pleased to provide sturdy safety barrier protection for a whole range of important buildings, machinery and of course to safeguard human lives.

Another form of safety equipment that we can offer is the installation of tree protection fencing in areas where they may otherwise become vulnerable to disturbance, injury, or environmental change.

The fencing should not only protect the trees themselves, but also the root system and surrounding soil from damage, compaction and contamination, while making room for any further growth which might occur.

On building sites where trees are present, a Tree Protection Order can be put in place to prevent damage and as a result, a survey may recommend temporary fencing.

This is quite common, because the effects of construction work can be long-lasting to trees, continuing to cause havoc even after the work has taken place.

Trees can offer many benefits, including:

  • Visual improvements to the effect of the built environment
  • Adding maturity to new developments
  • Displaying seasonal change
  • Providing opportunities for wildlife in built-up areas
  • Making places more enjoyable by contributing screening and shade
  • Reducing wind speed and turbulence
  • Intercepting snow and rainfall
  • Reducing glare.
  • Contributing to urban cooling through evapo-transpiration
  • Micro-climatic effects that can reduce energy demands in buildings.

It’s easy to see why so much emphasis is placed on keeping trees well protected and this is a great reason why you should choose Armco to help.

Standards to comply with in tree protection

One of the major contributions that trees make to a built up area is climate change adaptation, so their conservation remains an important factor on construction sites, whether on or near to the working areas.

When supplying tree protection, at Armco Direct, we always adhere to the standard BS5837:2012 which places a statutory duty on local authorities to consider the protection of trees that are potentially affected by developments.

It states that barrier protection must be in place, prior to any machinery or materials being brought on to site.

Once in place, fencing will help to prevent the following types of tree damage that can take place on a construction site:

  • ‍Heavy machinery crushing the tree roots
  • ‍Damage to branches/bark leaving tissue exposed
  • ‍Severing roots by the excavation process
  • ‍Fire damage
  • ‍Fuel/oil spills poisoning the tree root system
  • Changing levels in the soil around the trees which results in root death

Protect building site trees with TreeBarrier

TreeBarrier is designed to provide tree protection from any accidental or malicious damage that could take place.

When you choose tree protection with Armco Direct, our TreeBarrier system includes:

  • Scaffold Rail Kit (to construct the frame and supporting rails)
  • Flexi Clamps
  • Rolled Wire Mesh Fencing

Each panel will have an effective length of 3M with the wire mesh wired directly to the poles.

Armco Direct’s TreeBarrier system is simple and quick to construct, providing you with effective compliance on site straight away.

Get in touch with our friendly and professional team today to find out more about our long-lasting tree barrier protection.