Traffic Barrier – How Armco Barriers Prevent Damage

Protecting Equipment With A Steel Barrier - The Ultimate Guide

There are many circumstances where a traffic barrier can be used to prevent damage and protect people from injury. Here we explore what they are.

Using Armco barriers as a traffic barrier means reassurance that measures have been put in place to prevent the damage, destruction and devastation that can be caused by out of control vehicles of all shapes and sizes. 

The traffic barriers that we supply at Armco Direct are discreet, yet super strong safety barriers, which are made from 100% recyclable corrugated steel that is galvanised to the BS EN 1461 standard. They are designed to stand firm and solid – strong enough to deflect the impact of a moving vehicle, not only protecting whatever is on the other side of the barrier, but, causing as little damage to the vehicle as possible, too. 

The installation of traffic barriers in a whole host of settings means prevention of accidents and injury but also huge cost savings can be made by business owners, when a collision occurs with a traffic barrier instead of the expensive stock or equipment that lies behind it.

Armco Barrier Setup In Car Parking

Where traffic barriers are used

So, where are the many places where you might see traffic barriers being used to prevent damage? 

You might find them in a car park, where vehicles and pedestrians move in close proximity to one another. In this case, the traffic barrier will clearly mark out where traffic can and can’t go, hopefully preventing collisions with pedestrians and also parts of the car park which might be badly affected by the impact from a moving vehicle – such as a supporting column.

Traffic barriers can be installed in warehouses, not only to keep the workforce safe from collisions with vehicles, such as forklifts, but also to protect the following: 

  • Expensive equipment and machinery 
  • Shelving
  • Warehouse stock  
  • Stacks of pallets  
  • Main structure of the building 
  • Supporting columns 
  • Doorways

The traffic barriers are not only super tough, but they can be made highly visible, in order to warn drivers away and hopefully prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.

In addition to being used to prevent damage, Armco barriers can also be installed in areas to prevent crime. They can, for example, be set up in pedestrian areas to stop unauthorised vehicle access, where the driver either has the intention to cause injury to others, or carry out a criminal act, such as ram-raiding or vandalism. A particular monument may require protection from intentional and unintentional damage caused by a moving vehicle. In some cases a traffic barrier may need to be installed temporarily, or it can be a more permanent safety solution in areas which are at risk.

As you can see traffic barriers can be used in a multitude of ways. If a health and safety audit has flagged up issues and you think they might make a positive addition in your workplace, why not get in touch with us for a quote? 

Armco Barrier Calculator

To find out the amount of Armco traffic barrier protection that you require, you can get a free calculation of your Armco Barrier needs by using our handy Armco Barrier Calculator

Once you know exactly what you need, our team is ready and waiting to help provide you with a cost effective quote to meet your budget.