Safety Barriers In The Workplace – Keeping People and Your Business Safe

Safety barriers in the workplace

Workplace safety is something which should always be a major consideration for employers, and the installation of safety barriers in the workplace is one way to ensure this is well taken care of. 

For business premises’ such as warehouses and factories, safety barriers in the workplace are an excellent way to ensure that the workforce is protected against collisions with moving vehicles that can lead to injury and even fatality. 

In areas where forklifts and other vehicles move around, loading and unloading stock, safety barriers can also protect stock and machinery, shelving and racking and doorways, columns and walls, as well as the main structure of the building. 

Safety Barriers For Effective Workplace Safety

So what are safety barriers? 

Workplace safety barriers come in a variety of shapes, heights and sizes and are made of solid galvanised steel which has the ability to stop a moving vehicle dead in its tracks (often without damaging the barrier in the slightest). They are 100% recyclable, come with an 85 year lifetime guarantee and can be powder coated for increased visibility.

The barriers are also complemented by Armco Barrier Ends, which, like the safety barriers themselves, are strong and often highly visible terminals that are installed at the end of the barrier to help reinforce its strength and provide rigidity. These are available in the following options: 

  • Fish Tail End
  • Pedestrian End
  • Yellow Fish Tail End RAL1007
  • Yellow Pedestrian End RAL1007
  • Polymer Pedestrian End with Reflectors
  • Polymer Fish Tail End with Reflectors

You can learn more about Armco barrier ends by reading our guide here.

Workplace Protection Guaranteed 

One of the main causes of fatality in workplaces, such as warehouses, loading bays and factories is collision with a moving vehicle. The possibility of human error means that there is always a chance that a vehicle could go out of control, so, if and when the worst happens, then safety barriers protect people by taking the brunt of the impact when things do go wrong.

In addition, workplace safety barriers have become more useful in the last year because, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, barriers have been used in the workplace to create one way systems to keep workers safer by separating staff.

Keeping people safe is not only beneficial from a duty of care point of view either. Accidents in the workplace can lead to business downtime and costly litigation, something which any business owner would do well to try to prevent, by carrying out regular risk assessments and acting on them appropriately. 

People being safe is good for your business, without a doubt and that’s why installing safety barriers in the workplace could be the most sensible and cost effective thing you do. 

Use Our Armco Barrier Calculator

If you’re looking to install safety barriers in the workplace, you can get a free calculation of your barrier requirements with our handy online Armco Barrier calculator

Just put in your requirements and find out the exact list of products you need for your project in seconds. Your safety barriers could be delivered to site in as little as 48-hours. 

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