Concrete Barriers Leicester

Concrete Barriers Leicester

Concrete barriers in Leicester are an incredibly effective way to prevent criminals, trespassers or unauthorised vehicles from gaining access to a restricted site or premises. They’re also a solid way to define specific lanes for traffic and prevent vehicles from straying into areas that they shouldn’t.

When you’re in need of concrete barriers, Leicester based Armco Direct has the perfect solution. We supply concrete barriers for all manner of purposes, delivered quickly and efficiently to sites and premises across Leicester – and indeed, throughout the UK. 

These superb products can be delivered in as little as 48 hours or less, where required. So, if you’re in a hurry to get your site safe or secured, it’s not a problem at all.

Concrete Barriers Of All Shapes And Sizes

Our barriers are manufactured using high strength (50N/mm²) concrete and the types of concrete barriers in Leicester that we sell include the following: 

  • Temporary Concrete Vertical Barriers (TVCB) 
  • Jersey Interlocking Heavy Duty Barriers (double male connection)  
  • Jersey Interlocking Heavy Duty Barriers (double female connection)
  • Security blocks – 2000kg 
  • Tank Trap Pyramid block 

These concrete barriers come in 1.5m, 2.5m or 3m lengths and can be bolted together to offer solid protection in a range of circumstances, to cover whatever length or perimeter is needed. 

How And Where Are Concrete Barriers Used?

As you can see from our list of concrete barriers available above, this method of protection can be a temporary, or permanent solution. 

Concrete barriers are a simple, yet effective way to mark out the perimeter of an area of land which unauthorised vehicles must not access. Further uses for concrete barriers in Leicester and across the UK can range from:

  • The protection of commercial premises against ram raiders
  • Security of pedestrianised areas against acts of terrorism or out of control vehicles 
  • Controlling the flow of traffic in a car park to prevent collision
  • Movement of traffic away from roadworks to protect the workforce
  • Stopping vandals or fly tippers from gaining access to unoccupied premises 
  • To prevent travellers from accessing vacant land
  • Defining entry and exit points in a car park or construction site
  • To prevent landslides from causing damage nearby

Made of high strength, heavy duty concrete, it would be impossible for even the heaviest of vehicles to get into areas where they aren’t supposed to be.

Concrete barriers are often used at special events too, as they provide a temporary, yet robust solution to controlling the flow of traffic, or indeed crowds of people, when this level of solid protection is only needed for a certain time. 

When they are only required for limited periods, we can offer concrete barriers in Leicester to rent or hire.

Discuss Your Leicester Concrete Barrier Requirements

Our concrete barriers in Leicester are available when you need them quickly and can be delivered to your premises in as little as 48 hours and less. 

Get in touch with a member of the Armco Direct team of safety barrier experts today to discuss your requirements. Whether you need concrete blocks, temporary concrete vertical barriers, Jersey barriers, or pyramid blocks, we have a solution to your security or safety needs.