An Adventure In Africa – Fancy Joining Us?


Armco Direct Managing Director, Darren Lallo will make his seventh trip to rural Malawi next year to help change the lives of struggling remote communities in Africa.

The eight day adventure with the charity Temwa, will involve activities including treks, mountain biking and kayaking, combined with visits to Temwa’s community programmes, taking part in tree planting and absorbing the country’s unique character and beautiful landscapes.

Darren will experience community aid projects close up, which include health, education, micro-finance, agriculture and forestry, while enjoying a range of active challenges.

And he wants you to join him on his African adventure!

Join the team for an African adventure and help make a difference

Temwa involves work in remote, rural areas of northern Malawi – where 40% of the population lives on less than £1 a day, 16% are HIV-positive, and one in three people struggle to feed themselves each day.

The charity’s mission is to develop self-sufficient communities in these hard to reach rural areas, by supporting vital projects.

Anyone can join Temwa’s spring adventure in late March/ early April 2020, travelling to the warm heart of Africa – one of the most remote and beautiful locations on earth.

Here you’ll explore mountain villages, untouched shores and take part in projects that save and change lives, in an off the beaten track adventure you’ll never forget.

Darren said: “Temwa is a charity working in a very remote region of Northern Malawi, Africa, that I have supported heavily over the past ten or so years. I have visited Malawi six times now and the changes in the area are astounding and mostly as a direct result of this single small Bristol based organisation”.

Are you interested in taking part in 2020?

Already committed to come on the African adventure is CTO of Microsoft, Richard Potter, and serial Entrepreneur Martin Collins, who has numerous businesses and was also bestowed the official title of ‘The Duke of Nkhutu’ at a ceremony in Malawi that Darren attended in 2013.

People taking part in the trip can meet the charity’s co-founder, Joanna Hook, who works tirelessly for the charity, alongside her husband and daughter – and most importantly meet the local communities and the Temwa Malawi team.

For anyone concerned about the carbon footprint, one of Temwa’s notable achievements has been to raise and plant over one million trees – a figure that is still rising quickly and their ultimate aim is to play a major role in the reforestation of Northern Malawi.

Temwa will soon launch a carbon offsetting platform which will allow any activities that individuals or businesses are involved in, to be offset.

To find out more about the challenge, visit the Temwa website and take a look at the great work they do, the events they hold and the impact they have made.

If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing African adventure or the work the Armco Direct does, then visit the Armco Direct website, email or call Darren on 01530 839 955 and he would be pleased to chat about the event.