Armco’s Summer Safety Barriers

Armco Crash Barrier Full Product Photo

Some might argue that the hotter weather makes us more lethargic and therefore more prone to accidents or collisions. And, whether or not this is the case, then one thing continues to be for certain – that Armco’s summer safety barriers continue to be worth their weight in gold when keeping pedestrians, buildings and equipment safe from impact.

There’s a lot to be said for getting the best products in place when looking for a safety solution, whatever time of year it is. So, when you want peace of mind in knowing that it’s up to the job and your team or equipment is safe, then there are a few things to consider.

How To Pick The Perfect Safety Barriers

We have been producing the very best in Armco safety barriers and other protection products since 2005. With safety at the forefront of our minds, these tough barriers and bollards are designed to withstand high impact from all manner of out of control moving vehicles, such as forklift trucks, cars and HGVs.

Whether you need Armco barriers for a private road, inside a warehouse, on a building site, or any other area where something needs protection from impact, here are just a few of the things you should look out for when picking the perfect safety barriers. (It’s also what you can expect to receive when you choose your products through us).

  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461
  • Next day delivery
  • Low prices guaranteed
  • Choices of height to suit a range of purposes
  • Standard sizes and custom built solutions
  • Discreet yet robust design

Why Should You Choose Armco Barriers

When sourcing safety barriers for a private road, pedestrianised area, warehouse, or other industrial site, as well as safety being high up on the list of priorities, budgets often have a big part to play.

This is why many site managers find it useful to know that brand new Armco barriers are often similar in price to used safety barriers. So, instead of going for something which is second hand, you can be sure of the history behind a new product and that it has been made specifically for your needs.

Not only are Armco barriers made of the toughest galvanised steel (find out more) and have the ability to stand up to all kinds of weather without diminishing in strength , they are also a cost effective solution too.

In Need of Bollards not Barriers?

If it’s bollards you need, rather than barriers, then at Armco Direct we can help with that too, because we stock a large range of products which offer solid and reliable asset protection for a variety of reasons.

The static, retractable or stainless steel bollards can be positioned outside shops, offices and other buildings, to protect workers against vehicle impact, or criminal activity, such as ram raiding – and they can also mark out pedestrianised areas too.

Our sturdy bollards can either be cast into the ground or bolted in and come in a range of sizes, colours and thickness.

Get In Touch About Your Safety Barriers Today

If you’re looking for a safety solution for your site this summer, find out more about the products we provide by getting in touch with us about your safety barriers today.