How To Use Car Crash Barriers To Prevent Damage

Car Crash Barrier

The very purpose of installing car crash barriers is to prevent damage being caused by a moving vehicle, whether that’s to people, buildings, expensive stock or equipment. 

Wherever you find crash barriers installed, there’s a chance of a vehicle going out of control and this can be in a whole manner of different scenarios. 

Car crash barriers are normally tough, strong, corrugated steel barriers which can withstand all types of impact. At Armco Direct, our Armco barriers are all galvanised to BS EN 1461 standards, made from 100% recyclable steel and are secured firmly in place using ETA approved floor anchors for extra reassurance of their immovability. 

Not only are these crash barriers super tough and able to comfortably absorb impact, but they can withstand a multitude of weather conditions and have a long life span too. This makes them an investment which will continue to be of benefit for many years to come. 

Where you’ll find car crash barriers 

Traditionally you may think of car crash barriers as being placed on the sides of busy roads, where vehicles move past at high speed. The idea being that collision with one of these barriers would be much less catastrophic than if they weren’t there. 

However, there are many other scenarios where crash barriers offer highly effective protection from the damage caused by a moving vehicle, for example on private land, in car parks, warehouses, factories and private roads. 

The sort of car crash barriers that you’ll find on major roads are often designed to have a degree of give or deflection by using Z posts, however when using an RSJ post for the crash barrier the impact is stopped dead. Perfect for stopping a truck, crash barriers prevent slow moving vehicles from getting through and colliding with valuable property.  

In this case, where car crash barriers are installed within commercial or industrial environments, there is less requirement for the vehicle to be deflected, because it could mean that it goes on to cause further damage where there is less space – such as in a warehouse. 

Our car crash barriers will be installed close to the thing that it is protecting, which could be any of the following: 

  • Stock 
  • Shelving 
  • Racking 
  • Doorways
  • Equipment 
  • Machinery 
  • Monuments 
  • Structure of a building 
  • Workers or pedestrians 

The installation of Armco crash barriers in these situations will stop a slow moving vehicle in its tracks. And the fact that the vehicle is moving slowly, means that the impact will be likely to cause less damage to the vehicle itself as well as ensuring no damage is caused elsewhere.

Use our Armco Barrier calculator

If you would like to find out more about the car crash barriers which could be offering complete protection in your commercial premises, you can get a free calculation of your barrier requirements in seconds by using our handy online Armco Barrier calculator

Our Armco Barriers can be delivered to your site in as little as 48-hours, so, when you’re looking for damage prevention in a hurry, we can help. Call today for more details on 01530 839 955.