How Truck Crash Barriers Could Save You Money

How Armco Barriers Are Made

When a heavy moving vehicle collides with most things the results can be carnage – that’s where truck crash barriers can save the day.

It’s not only on roads that vehicles, such as trucks and lorries, can go out of control. Often they move around warehouses and building sites, loading and unloading goods, or transporting equipment. 

Human error means that collisions can occur, and whatever the reason, whether it be a lapse in concentration, loss of control, or the collision was intentional, when a several ton truck collides with something, it’s going to cause damage.

Standing In The Way Of Danger

What a truck barrier does is stand in the way of things. For example, if you’re looking to protect equipment, stock, shelving, the workforce, or the integrity of the building, the installation of truck barriers, means that an out of control truck will not get through.

Armco barriers can be used as truck crash barriers, because they are made of heavy duty galvanised steel, set firmly in place with ETA approved floor anchors. This provides a formidable barrier that will help stop an out of control truck, or other heavy moving vehicle before damage is caused. Truck crash barriers can absorb the impact, often leaving them undamaged and without doubt protecting anything which lies behind them. After Impact any damaged components or fixings should be replaced

Saving Businesses Money

The fact that truck crash barriers can stop damage from occurring when a vehicle goes out of control, is the main way their installation will save you money. After all, equipment and stock can be expensive to replace when damaged. There are other ways how the installation of truck crash barriers can save you money, too. 

Not only can accidents in workplaces, such as warehouses and factories cause serious injury and even death, but there’s the cost of business downtime to consider, as well as the cost of litigation, if the correct safety measures were not put in place. This can run into many thousands of pounds – a cost well worth avoiding.

When you think of the damage that can be caused by an out of control heavy moving vehicle, the initial cost of installing a truck barrier is far outweighed by the costs of not having one installed. Not to mention the fact that your workforce will feel much safer and more protected, which in turn can only boost morale and improve productivity.

At Armco Direct, you can get a fast quote and 48 hour delivery of our truck crash barriers, should you need them in a hurry. They also come available in a variety of Armco barrier heights.

Truck crash barriers can be installed in the following places: 

  • Warehouses
  • Car Parks
  • Factories 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Areas requiring traffic segregation
  • Outside shops 
  • Farmland

Use our Armco Barrier calculator

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