What Are The Different Armco Barrier Heights?

Armco barriers are seen in all kinds of scenarios and come in various sizes – as such, you might...

What Are The Different Armco Barrier Heights

Armco barriers are seen in all kinds of scenarios and come in various sizes – as such, you might be left wondering, what are the different Armco Barrier heights?

The main purpose of installing an Armco barrier is safety, but to achieve the very highest levels of safety in your installation, you’ll need to know that the product you’re using is completely fit for purpose.

That’s why, no matter what they need to protect, whether it be pedestrians, a workforce, buildings or expensive machinery, the Armco Barriers you install have to be the correct height and size to ward off the serious effects of a heavy impact.

Armco crash barriers, installed at the correct height, will offer maximum protection from potential damage caused by out of control vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from forklift trucks to cars and HGVs.

Whether you’re looking for a crash barrier on site, in a pedestrianised area, or on a private road, we have a range of equipment to choose from to ensure protection is available, regardless of the situation.

Armco Barrier Heights

We have four different heights of barrier available:

  • 560mm high – these are used internally, in buildings such as warehouses, to protect from forklifts and vehicles with low ground clearance.
  • 610mm high – the industry standard height beam, which can be used in places such as car parks to protect against SUVs and other vehicles.
  • 760mm high – the next height in our range can be used to protect against impact from HGVs, in places such as lorry yards and other areas where there are big vehicles.
  • 1100 high – Again designed to resist impact from HGVs, these can be used to protect fuel tanks, water tanks on building sites and offer extra protection as double barriers.

Armco Stock All Sizes

Having provided Armco barrier protection in the Midlands and across the UK for many years now, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of the industry and the benefits that this kind of equipment can offer for all manner of industrial purposes.

That’s why we stock various sizes of Armco barrier while offering competitive prices and fast delivery, (because we know that there’s no time like the present to keep workers, buildings, and expensive machinery safe and secure).

Take a look at our barrier dimensions guide

It’s because they’re so handy in places other than just on private roads and pedestrian areas, that we have an extensive and diverse range of crash barriers available to suit whatever purpose it is that you need them for.

We’ve put together the Armco barrier dimension guide to give you an idea of the versatility of the equipment that we have in stock. Each barrier dimension is provided in a handy pdf format for easy download.

How much will it cost?

You’ve found the Armco Barrier height and sizes that you need to install and you know how many you require, so now you’ll need to work out how much it will cost.

We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the highly competitive nature of our Armco Barrier prices, but to give you a hand working it all out, we’ve created an online calculator to help you get a quick estimate and ensure it’s all achievable within budget.

You can quickly and conveniently work out how many Armco Direct posts, beams, bolts and accessories you need for the job. In addition, you’ll be able to specify aspects such as length (m), the number of angles, post spacing, end type, type of beams and floor anchors.

Get a quote quickly, when you put your details into our Armco Barrier Calculator.

More benefits to buying with Armco Direct

On top of the benefits of a wide choice of different sizes and Armco Barrier heights, which will guarantee the products you install are right for the job, there are plenty of other great reasons to buy them from Armco Direct.

Our range of barriers includes either the conventional kind, which can be bolted down or dug in, or ones which are custom made specifically for your business needs, with features such as internal or external corners. In addition, they are:

  • Made of the toughest corrugated steel
  • Produced to the highest possible standards, using the latest production methods
  • Galvanised to BS EN 1461 for added protection and longevity
  • Made of 100% recyclable steel
  • Come with a low price guaranteed
  • Provided with ETA approved floor anchors
  • British made in support of the UK steel industry
  • Available for next day delivery if you need it

We’ve also been in business for over a decade, providing the very best in Armco Barrier solutions since 2005. That means you can expect great levels of expertise when you need help and advice and we can offer excellent lead times because we have most of our products in stock.

Order Your Armco Barriers Today

When you have an Armco Barrier installation project on the cards and it needs to be exactly right, we have many ways to help you ensure your barriers will be up to the job and that they will stay that way for years to come.

To find out more about just how strong and effective our Armco barriers can be and what sizes and heights they are available in, get in touch with one of our experienced experts.

They can advise you on the kind of protection that you might need and how to install it, so contact us today for further details.