How Do Crash Barriers Help Road Safety?

Safety Barriers Road Safety

At Armco Direct we see, day in, day out how our range of crash barrier products and safety bollards not only protect expensive equipment and buildings, but can prevent injury and loss of life too.

We have been at the forefront of the corrugated steel and ancillary product industry for many years and in that time have developed an unparalleled level of knowledge in Armco barrier protection.

Our crash barriers and bollards can be used in all manner of circumstances, whether it’s to protect pedestrians or workers in a warehouse environment, from an impact from wayward vehicles, ward off ram raiders or protect an important building, loading area or monument.

But, in explaining just how effective crash barrier protection can be, we thought we’d illustrate it by talking about something pretty much everyone can identify with.

Most people use private roads around the UK a lot in their lives – This is often in the form of private car parks for retail parks, supermarkets or multi-storey facilities. How do crash barriers help your safety when in these areas? This can help us to understand just how tough these kinds of barriers are when put to the test.

Keeping us safe on private roads

Our crash barriers can be used on a private land for all manner of reasons – each and every one of them being about keeping people safe and protecting valuable assets.

Most commonly used when heavy traffic is likely, or around areas which regularly welcome heavy goods vehicles, you might find crash barriers on the side of a road where:

  • There is a steep drop on one side
  • It’s near to a bridge or body of water
  • There’s a need to separate roads which have several lanes
  • Drivers need protection from roadside obstacles, such as trees

Being made of concrete or metal, these barriers form rock solid protection against accidents and collision. This means that, should a moving vehicle collide with it, the barrier will absorb a lot of the impact, either slowing down the speed of the vehicle, or directing it back into the road.

Both outcomes are considered to be much safer and cause less damage to vehicle and passengers, than what would happen if the barrier wasn’t there – e.g. a car might plough into the water, an oncoming car, or encounter a steep drop.

It’s because of their sturdy effectiveness and robust nature that crash barriers have been hailed as saving many lives and protecting valuable property. And the same goes for the kind of safety bollards and Armco barrier protection that we provide, which comes in a range of dimensions.

Just as people should have every chance to stay safe when driving on private roads such as car parks, they should also expect the same considerations while using the same facilities as a pedestrian.

It is for exactly these reasons, why you might see Armco barriers or safety bollards in pedestrianised areas, warehouses, on building sites, surrounding famous monuments, or on general private roads.

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